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A Taste for Technology – Staying Up-to-Date As a Restaurant Owner

Chances are that you got into the restaurant trade due to a love of the industry, paired with a culinary flair. Like any craft, when it sinks its claw into you, it’s hard to imagine yourself ever doing anything different. So it’s fair to say that keeping up with current technology, while important, doesn’t always take up the lionshare of your busy days on the floor.

So, why the need to keep up-to-date with technology trends in the hospitality industry? Well, they streamline a lot of your operations, allowing you and your team to focus on the important things; the customer and the quality. Here’s some technology that will enhance your restaurant business.

Modern POS software

Working in the industry, you will know how much POS software has the ability to help or hinder your business. It keeps those busy Saturday mornings churning, and gives you peace of mind knowing that only one person on the till is enough to contend with the masses. Your modern software will even allow you to take your tablet to the tables and take payments faster. There is a variety of systems available that can be made to run on PC, MAC, iPad or tablet through your web browser. This means there will always be a POS software option to suit your preferences and requirements.

Booking platforms

Long gone are the days of booking your table over the phone. Your staff are too skilled and too busy to be sitting on the phone and logging your bookings in a notepad. The influx of booking platforms are born out of convenience to the restaurant operators, as well as the customers.

Before you open your doors each day, get a concise summary of your booking figures with recommended configurations so that you operate with a clear understanding of the business on the books for the day ahead. When choosing the right booking platform for your restaurant, pay close attention to fees that you incur per booking, email marketing distribution, the number of active users in your area, and any incentives customers receive by booking through the platform.


Your team of staff don’t sit on the restaurant Facebook page during their whole shift, and probably with good reason. That’s where Chat Boxes come in. With Chatbots being leveraged across all industries, restaurants too are finding they serve a great function and free up the manpower required to manage social and webpages. By using artificial intelligence, you can set your Chat Box up to assist customers on basic questions; opening and closing times, address, how to book, and where to find the menu. This will free you and your team up to work in the business so that you can continue to deliver at a high standard.

Review functionality

Reviews. We love them, we hate them. But the fact remains that they play a part in the restaurant business landscape and they continue to influence future customers about where to dine and drink. So, how can we better leverage the power of reviewing and capture the feedback of customers who have great experiences? Have business cards created with QR codes on the back that take satisfied customers through to a review page so that they don’t have to faff around with finding the right page and following through to review.

Depending on your restaurant, you may place more stock in Facebook, TripAdvisor, or Yelp reviews – perhaps you target all of them. Start to get a better control of the narrative and chalk up some great reviews on your pages.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all the technology being introduced to the restaurant scene – it is there to only enhance what you already do. Most of these programs and softwares come with trial periods, so see how they integrate with your business and team and if they add any value.