How To Run Two WhatsApp Accounts In One Mobile

Messaging apps has become the most essential needs of everyone’s lives so far with digital communication is encouraged. Among the available and trendy smartphone messaging applications, Whatsapp is the biggest platform that connects friends and family. With the present technology advancement, it has attained the craze in exchanging the messages and media across the globe. Both for the personal and business-related exchange of communication can be taken place. Whatsapp is compatible with any version of OS like Android, Blackberry, and iOS.

In case if there is a dual SIM smartphone, used to make calls, messages from different numbers. And if the user is planning to maintain two different Whatsapp accounts for both personal and business purposes alternatively, there are options in creating Whatsapp accounts from the same phone.

For some smartphones, there are inbuilt features meant for maintaining two Whatsapp accounts with different numbers. Smartphones like iPhone don’t have an option in restoring and maintaining two Whatsapp accounts. Instead, there are some 3rd party apps that have to be installed in addition to make this scenario work. But these are not recommended which may sometimes create security problems and may affect the mobile phone very badly.

Mobile number is necessary for verifying the account which is detected via call or SMS. And it is mandatory to have a running internet for using Whatsapp in any smartphone. It is also necessary to check settings that are confined to the respective SIM numbers. Sometimes, the manufacturer creates inbuilt settings by default.

Below are two methods involved in using Dual-Whatsapp accounts in the same smartphone:

Method 1: Managing multiple accounts using Clone Apps

Creating online accounts on the relative and same service should be effectively managed via different tasks or making isolated functions. Not just for the Whatsapp, Google Play Store has multiple Clone apps available for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, Amazon apps as well.

Examples of Clone apps are:
App Cloner- Multiple copies and install.
Dual Space- A parallel app with multiple accounts.
Parallel Space- Two face- multiple accounts.
Dual Space- A parallel app with multiple accounts.
Multi-Clone- Runs multiple accounts of a single app on the same device.
However, these apps don’t allow running multiple instances at a time. They indirectly need some time for installing them, eventually requires background data and storage.

Method-2: Creating Multiple profiles on Android

All the Android smartphones allow creating multiple profiles accessing to create guest accounts in the same device. For running two Whatsapp accounts in the same device, take advantage of creating a parallel second account and set up all the required credentials that allow a user to verify the new number with a verification.
In parallel, it is allowed to download second Whatsapp from the Google Store configuring into the new profile. Android lollipop and the later versions have multiple-user functionality with some custom ROMs.


For setting up a second Whatsapp profile, follow the procedure mentioned below:

After installing the second Whatsapp, click on Settings and select Users then Add User(Guest) or simply click on user icon from the notification bar and Add User or Guest.

Now that, provide complete details to set a new account with the available default settings. That’s all a new Whatsapp account will be is installed with the original WhatsApp account which is active on the other hand.
This is how any Android phone enables to shift or use 2 Whatsapp accounts in one device having correctly followed with the procedure.


Anyone who is dealing 2 accounts of Whatsapp in 2 different devices can be advantageous if they know certain simple and effective solutions. However, these options may look traditional but are efficient.
Purchasing or visiting a service center for obtaining the solution for handling dual accounts of Whatsapp in the same smartphone is not worthy sometimes. So it is recommended to follow the above procedure whenever needed.