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B2B Email Marketing Tips That Will Guarantee Sales

B2B marketing is becoming increasingly more important as technology develops rapidly, with emails being a large focal point of this. Whilst B2B relies on a whole host of features to be enacted well, such as social media ads and account-based marketing, emails are still extremely important to the process, as it is still the way in which most organizations conduct business. Surprisingly, this can be one of the hardest aspects of B2B marketing to master, so here are a few tips to get you started on perfecting the art of email marketing. 

Business vs Regular Customers

It’s often easy to forget with B2B marketing that you’re marketing to businesses and not individuals/consumers. Take a step back to remember the nuances between marketing to a business vs. marketing to a consumer and personalize your email content to reflect this. Businesses are far less likely to succumb to traditional marketing tactics aimed at consumers, as they are used to the system and can see through its efforts. In this sense, get creative with your B2B email marketing and always make sure that the emails are tailored specifically to the audience segment you’re looking to target. 

Mobile Friendly

Making your emails as mobile-friendly as possible is a huge help to B2B marketing in the modern world. Most emails, whether targeted at businesses or individual consumers, are now read on smart-phones, and this is generally where a lot of click-through comes from. People read their emails on the go when they have the time to click through onto your product/proposal. Therefore, making your emails compatible with all types of phone operating system ensures that your customers have easy access to your offers and realize your potential for online marketing. Sometimes, even using features such as emojis in the subject line (where appropriate) can be necessary to reeling in the audience you’re looking to target. 

Custom Email List

The list of prospects/customers that your emails go out to is arguably one of the most important tenets of B2B email marketing. Building a B2B email database and knowing how to appropriately segment that database into target audiences, is crucial to the success of click-throughs in your emails. Doing this can take time and can often seem frustrating, but it is truly worth it in the end. As opposed to buying a pre-existing email list, building your own ensures that the majority of those subscribed to your emails genuinely want to and will read them, eventually leading to more purchases, check what is  b2b lead scoring. The easiest way to do this is to include a fairly obvious (though not overbearing) form on your website that potential customers can sign up to. You can also include a quick sign-up in the top bar so that prospective customers can access it from any page on the site. 

To automate the search for an email, you can use special tools. It will give you a solid foundation for establishing reliable communication and dialogue with potential clients. An email search like, a service for analyzing and collecting correct email addresses. Multiple search features make it easy to find just the person you need. Reach out to potential clients easier than ever.

With email finder web app you can:

  • using Bulk domain search;
  • find company email addresses with Company Profile Search;
  • receive emails with Social URL search;
  • upload a file with first name, last name and domain or url to find email addresses; 
  • collect emails in bulk from multiple platforms searching prospects by job title, skills, and location with Linker.

Preview Text

We’ve all had it; the annoying emails from subscriptions we signed up to years ago where the preview text is just a wall of meaningless text. This makes it far less likely that you’ll get click-through on your emails, ultimately meaning less customers. Preview text in an email is often the first impression you’re giving your customers of your business, meaning it’s highly important to perfect. Keeping it short and sweet is often the best way to go about this; create as big of an impact as is possible within 1 short sentence. This illustrates to potential customers that you can be fun and concise when delivering services to them. 


Using an appropriate Email Service Provider can improve your B2B email marketing by leaps and bounds. Instead of emailing clients from your personal account, which is unlikely to result in your emails being read, you can manage all email activity through one centralized system. With an ESP, not only can you create emails and schedule their sending, you can also analyze the performance of your emails within the program itself. Naturally, this cuts the time required to extract and transport data from one place to another in order to analyze your emails, leaving you more time to focus on the marketing itself. Most typically, these analytical features allow you to see the percentage of your emails which are being opened, which are going straight to spam, and the number of click-throughs your emails are achieving.

ESP programs also contain at least a basic audience segmentation feature, allowing you to breezily target each of your audiences. In the era of the rise of account-based marketing, segmenting your audience is hugely important to achieving a maximum click-through rate. 

ESP’s are great for organizing and analyzing your emails all in one place. Most of them offer free or discounted trials and come at a range of price points depending on the size of your business. 

Final Thoughts

B2B email marketing might seem daunting, but following these tips is sure to guarantee you sales. The most important thing to remember is building B2B marketing data lists, and everything from there should come fairly naturally!