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Tips for Using SEO to Promote Your Law Firm

Bringing in new clients can feel difficult at times. You might not be seeing the kind of online traffic you want and deserve. Maybe you’ve seen a lull in new clients that used to come in more steadily. If this sounds like your law firm, there may be a simple way to increase awareness and hopefully bring in more work for you and your partners. Search Engine Optimization can be a game-changer when it comes to successfully marketing your firm. If you’re not sure how SEO works and need a few tricks, here is a helpful guide to get you started down the right path.

Unbury your search results

Have you Googled yourself lately? Although that’s not recommended for personal use, knowing where your firm is popping up when you type in keywords or your firm’s name is important. You might be surprised to find that you’re not even on the first page. There’s so much information online that it’s easy for your law firm’s website to get buried among hundreds of others. By using search engine optimization, you can boost your website’s ranking in order to successfully promote your firm. You’re sure to be able to procure new clients once they can actually find you.

Speed up your load time

If anything slows the loading of your webpage, it’s important to remove it. Speedy load time can be the difference between a client reading your page or hitting “x” and going with a competitor. Make sure that all images and videos are loading quickly to give a professional and polished finish to your webpage.


Stay on top of it

You’re so busy that it’s easy to go months without updating your website. Diligently doing upkeep, even just small changes, can boost your search ranking by showing search engines that your website is frequently updated. Allowing your website to sit will only push it further down in rankings. Do something like start a blog where you talk about the type of law you practice to give yourself an easy reason to be on your page and loading new content.

Use accessible language

The content on your site should reflect the clients you’re trying to attract. Depending on what kind of law you’re practicing, you may not want to always use the most academic, legal jargon. Pages for family or elder law should appear professional but still make sense to readers. Obviously, you still want to come off as an expert; however, a client’s ability to relate to their situation could be the only difference between your firm and a competitor.


Call to action with your contact info

Your contact information is very important for your clients to see. At the end of every page, write a call to action encouraging your clients to reach out for more information with a link back to your contact page. That way, there’s no confusion and the information is readily available. They’ll always be only one click away from a phone call or email.

Hire a firm to outsource work you can’t handle

At some point, doing SEO and the upkeep it requires might get to be too much to handle. In order to get the full benefit of SEO, hire an outside firm to handle it all. You’ll be in great hands with BestLawFirmSEO. They’ll help with link building, on-page content, and much more.

Whether you’re internally handling SEO or outsourcing it to a company like BestLawFirmSEO, you’re sure to see an uptick in online interest. By having more of a presence online, you can easily boost your search ranking. This might even get you your next big client.