Best Drones Under 200$ For Beginners in 2020

A common device in the modern age. The drone market has expanded vastly as demands for it soared over the past few years. Due to this, there are many options out there. As the technology ages, it also gets cheaper; with models that have slightly dated features for today which is why they are available at such nominal prices. It will be better if you try some drones from reputable rental websites like FriendWithA before you buy it. Rental will take some bucks buy you can have a real hand-on review by yourself.

Some of the drones available at a lower-end price range of $200 include. You might also like drones with prices list here.

1. Snaptain SP510

A compact lightweight foldable quadcopter that is built sturdy, with ample features. There are many nominally priced drones that do not deliver, the Snaptain SP510 is not one of them. Recording at 2.7K resolution onto a microSD card. With the ability to take images at 12MP. It also has some more advanced features such as GPS, smart flight modes and auto return home. The flight time on this drone is 14 to 16 minutes.

2. Altair Aerial AA108

A USA based brand developing well-designed drones. The Altair Aerial AA108 is testament to their quality products. With a 720p camera that has an FPV feed. The remote comes witha cardboard cutout that fits onto it for instructions making it very simple. There are flying modes such as one-touch take-off and landing, altitude hold and custom route mapping that make it easy to use.

3. Potensic D80

Potensic generally makes smaller drones, they term them as “toy drones”, but don’t let that term fool you. The Potensic D80 is one of the most agile drones in this price range, mostly due to high-quality hardware. It is built with powerful brushless motors and can fly up to 40km/h; one may need a bit of experience to fly the D80. The camera is a real-time transmission 5G WiFi camera that is at 1080p.  

4. Holy Stone F181

A great machine for beginners, the Holy Stone F181 is simpler to fly in comparison to a lot of other drones. Incorporating an HD camera, a return home key, headless mode and a flying range of about a 100 meters. The battery time is somewhat short on this drone at 7 to 9 minutes. The Holy Stone brand is known for delivering some of the best customer services out there.

5. MJX Bug B5W

One of the very few low-end drones that has an action camera with full HD video. A well-built drone that has great stability and is relatively easy to control. The brushless motors make it a better machine overall. Packed with a 2K UHD Action Camera that can stream its signal at a 300-meter distance easily. The drone comes with 2 batteries, each with a 22 minute flight time. Other features include auto-return, follow mode, flight tracking software and one-button take-off and landing.

Which drone one chooses to buy has to take into account the kind of work expected o the drone. Also what level of specs suit the quality of video required and of course the exact budget. Given these drones are all within $200 they are within a friendly budget, yet have good features that can take one a long way on their drone experiences.