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Best Productivity Apps for College Students

Apps are beneficial tools for boosting college students’ productivity. The market is full of apps that students can optimize in all areas of study and life. For instance, the right choice of apps can help manage your time, organize your work, collaborate with your fellow students, and take notes. Here we discuss some of the favorite software for students and how they can help you to become more productive. Let’s accelerate yourself to higher productivity levels!


Evernote is a leading tool that learners can utilize in their note-taking activities using mobile and desktop devices. The app has many admirable features that let you take notes using its paper-like interface and typing characters. Moreover, it’s useful for taking photos and recording voice memos. You can also sync it between different desktop and mobile devices.

Google Docs

This tool is a leading word processor among cloud users. Also, it is useful across various mobile and desktop devices. You can utilize Docs offline and online. However, its offline version works with Google’s browser, Chrome, only. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent tool for collaborating with your fellow students and teachers.

It’s useful for drafting your papers, taking notes, writing reports, and composing case studies. You can print your documents when necessary or download them in Microsoft Word for sharing with your lecturers. Lastly, its creators designed it to auto-save your work as you type. Therefore, you have no reason to worry about losing your useful information.

iWork Suite

Presentations are common in college, so you need the best tools to help you make them. This app is great for such a type of work. You can also use it to create spreadsheets if you don’t like Microsoft Excel. It’s an excellent choice for creating your papers.

The iWork Suite also allows you to change your tables, add pics, and hyperlink your documents. You can utilize it with your various Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch.


Sharing and storing documents are essential in modern studies. Should you require a free or premium app for that purpose, Dropbox is one of the leading tools you can exploit. Moreover, this productivity app lets you access your documents without needing to link it to any email platform. You can also exploit its word processing features using Dropbox Paper. This feature is beneficial for planning and coordinating your projects as well as organizing your notes and meeting minutes.


Slack is a great tool for instant messaging for corporate use. Its creators designed it to integrate easily with other tools such as Google Drive. If you love interacting with your contacts using video conferencing, then this app is a great choice. Moreover, it is useful when you need a tool to reduce conversational clutter in your email inboxes.

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

Communication is critical in all your college activities. Therefore, it’s crucial to advance your vocabulary levels to enrich your conversations with your lecturers. Magoosh is beneficial for enriching your vocabulary standards as a student. For instance, you can use it when preparing for examinations like TOEFL and SAT. Besides, it’s still beneficial for enriching your daily vocabulary levels. It has 1,200 important words embedded in it. 

The tool works by repeating all new words until you master them. Its creators divided words into three groups: basic, intermediary, and advanced. This way, you can navigate through the stages easily. Additionally, it defines, pronounces, and gives relevant sentence examples to help everything sink.

Time Doctor

Time is a priceless, critical resource in your journey through college. Therefore, you need tools to manage it well during your college and career practice. If you have difficulty optimizing your limited time in school, then it’s time you saw this time “doctor” to assist you. Whether you need to attend a sports session in hopes of becoming a sports star soon or need to schedule your essay homework, this app helps you with planning and tracking how much time you spend on each task. It also enables you to note down all the vital activities and projects that require your daily attention. 

The app keeps you on track by alerting you of sidetracking by turning to unproductive applications or websites. This way, you always remain attentive to meaningful tasks and fulfill only scheduled activities. 

If you attend college part-time and manage a team, then it’s your best bet. It can track how your team members spend their time via screenshot monitoring. Besides, its dashboard can generate team member reports and email them to you weekly or daily to let you know about every member’s production levels. This “doctor” is available in various international languages, such as English, Russian, and German.


Lastly, we end our best productivity app list with Pzizz. The reason is that after working all day long, you need to take time off and rest. Getting enough quality sleep boosts your productivity; a tired mind and body are counterproductive. Good sleep can reduce stress, restore energy, and activate your nervous system to move energy through your blood.  

Pzizz is a sleep management app that lets you enjoy other benefits of good sleep, such as increased alertness, improved creativity, enhanced memory, and elevated moods. Additionally, you may use it to set time for the length of your desired sleep sessions. It also plays soothing voice overs and music to comfort you during sleep. It has a built-in alarm system that wakes you up on time. If you don’t want to use its free edition, you can subscribe for more features for only $60 per annum. Lastly, it runs on both iOS and Android devices.

As you can see, the market is full of useful apps that can make you more productive in your studies. They are useful for enhancing your production in anything from sleep, background music for improving your productivity, to collaboration. Notably, all of them come with free and premium features you can utilize for mobile or desktop platforms. With this knowledge, you can optimize them to increase your productivity levels during your college studies.