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Best Strategies to Improve the Effectiveness of Google Ads

Coming up with a fresh marketing strategy can be too difficult for quite a few entrepreneurs. It is nice to know that from now on, you are going to be your own boss and will be responsible for all the important decisions. But it is also frustrating to understand how difficult it is to make people notice your product or service.

The usual advertising formats like the TV and the radio are still widely used, but it is no secret that their ratings are constantly decreasing. Of course, the decision of where to advertise highly depends on the niche your business is in, but you must agree that people are more and more used to looking for everything on Google Search.

So this means that the knowledge of pay-per-click marketing will help to increase advertising ROI through Google Ads automation, and that can be achieved with Clever Ads. Therefore in this article, we are going to share the best strategies for improving the effectiveness of Google Ads.

Positioning Your Ads Right

You can create a great ad content-wise that might interest a lot of people and be really successful. The problem is that ads like this are created in the right way, but they are positioned wrong afterward. This might also be a really bad case for your budget if you are using the pay-per-click strategy where each click on your ad costs you extra money from your advertising budget.

A very small number of ads that use this strategy and are at the bottom of the first search page get clicks. So this makes a perfectly good advert useless.

It is understandable that people tend to mostly click on the ads that are on the top of the page. But the same goes for the website advertisement placement. This is where the most percent of clicks always go to. The conclusion is that you should always strive for the top of the page – either it is the top of your website or the top of Google Search results.

Use Ad Extensions Correctly

Using keywords and adding a pay-per-click strategy to it is great for the first step. But for the most effective results, you need to be using ad extensions and doing it correctly. The most important advantage that ad extensions bring is the possibility to add multiple options and links to one ad.

For example, you can use one ad and adapt it for ad extensions and target two different target audience groups of yours. For example, if you rent formal clothing for all sorts of celebrations like weddings, you can create three different categories with links for this extension: wedding dresses for rent, formal attire for men, and formal attire for women. 

This will help lead your potential customers directly to what they were searching for. And if a woman is searching for a formal dress and formal attire for her husband, you might end up making two sales out of one. Also, it is a great idea to add a reviews section to your ad extensions – as you probably have already noticed, reviews play a huge role in nowadays purchase making decisions.

Always Consider the Mobile Version 

Desktop versions are still very often used, but it is always a fact that the mobile versions of websites are getting more and more popular fast. This comes as a result of a fast pace of life. A mobile version of a website gives you the ability to shop anywhere and at any time. So this means that you might want to make a purchase on your phone while you are on your lunch break or just standing in a long line.

The same goes for Google Ads – mobile ads are getting more popular than anything. It is very convenient when you use Google Search on your mobile phone to find some local business information, and you see an ad that gives you the ability to call the company with one tap on the number you see on your screen. No dialing needed.

Also, if you look for a business on your phone, Google will give you directions to it. And if you click on them, you can go straight to Google Maps – either the Google app or website and drive there without putting in any information about your destination. This saves time and is very easy to use.