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Create, optimize and manage Google Ads campaigns without being an expert with Clever Ads

Online Ads, and in particular Google’s Pay Per Click platform, has revolutionised direct response marketing. Whilst Google’s native platform is sufficient for some, Google advertising solutions offered by Google Premium partner such as Clever Ads are useful to increase the functionality of managing and setting up ad campaigns. 

Step 1: Keyword Research

The first step with most PPC or SEO efforts is to perform some keyword research. Keyword research is important because it is where you will find out what people are searching online. Not just anyone, but your target audience!

Keyword research is a matter of finding what terms or phrases have a significant search volume, but aren’t all that competitive. This means that if you’re going to perform SEO, then you stand a good chance of ranking on the first page. Or, if you’re performing PPC, then the cost per click will not be too expensive due to low competition.

Clever Ads Solution

Clever Ads has a solution for this. They have a search function in which the user can type in their URL or some of their current keywords, and the search will result in new trends to be aware of.

On top of this, their platform has a more sophisticated searching ability than Google’s native app. Users can select the range of search volume, CPC, and competition in order to limit results. Perhaps the user wants to rule out very expensive CPC, so they will set a max. Users can also exclude keywords and reset filters.

Once the list is created, it can be appended to your current list and added directly into your Google Ads Campaign. Speaking of…

Step 2: Create a Campaign

Whether or not you have already created your campaign, this is certainly the latest point in which you should. 

A Google Ads campaign is a necessary way to contain your marketing strategy. Not your overall strategy, but this current PPC one. This will be a single place you can view your overall statistics, from multiple adverts, so you have a good representation of your whole project.

This is useful in calculating Return on Investment, as well as reflecting on current ads and their performance.

Clever Ads Solution

Clever Ads have their own solution to this which can enable better optimisation of adverts. Users simply describe their store, select their target audience and then create their adverts using the keywords they have imported. Start creating campaigns with this Google Ads promo code, it will ensure you full access to many features with a discount.

Clever Ads have an automation system in which long-tail keywords can be generated (the secret to low-competition, effective keywords), along with banner creation and display ads. This part is free and can save a tonne of time by being auto-generating.

Step 3: Ads Audit 

Of course, creating your ads isn’t enough – it’s important to stay on top of things. This means analysing how effective each PPC advert is, how much you’re charging if things are going as expected and so on. The issue here is that it can be overwhelming for those new to PPC, as there are a lot of numbers, pricing, and KPIs.

Clever Ads Solution

Instead of just seeing the raw data, Clever Ads interprets the analysis for you. This way, it’s harder to make an error in judgement. First and foremost, there are graphs and a dashboard of conversions, cost per acquisition, money spent and income. For some, this is all they will need.

There is also the tips aspect, in which users are explicitly told that some of their keywords are spending too much, or certain keywords that are not fully optimised. In fact, the audit will also generate new suggestions for more optimal keywords and many more things.

Step 4: Team integration

It’s important that all members of your marketing team, and perhaps some other personnel such as Business Intelligence, all have shared access to the Google Ads campaign. This is so that all appropriate personnel can view up-to-date KPIs, costs and so on which can inform business strategy or marketing decisions.

Clever Ads Solution

You guessed it, Clever Ads yet again delivers a sound solution to this problem. The solution is a Microsoft Teams and /or Slack integration so that graphs and data are integrated seamlessly for all team members. Users can even schedule to receive the metrics on a daily or weekly basis.

Final Word

It is not only worth exercising these tips in order to make a successful campaign, but it’s essential to avoid common mistakes, such as running multiple campaigns without adequate testing.
Finally, it’s worth expanding this Google Ad campaign out into the world of SEO. Using other marketing channels, such as social media and email newsletters, you can help optimise these by using data from your Google Ad campaigns.