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How Can a Website Benefit Your Small Business in 2021

A survey conducted by Visual Objects revealed that 40% of small business owners choose not to have a website for their business. The reasons for this were varying. Some stated a website is irrelevant to their business, while others claimed there’s too much competition.

But it’s 2021, and the world is just recovering from the pandemic. This is the time where every business needs a website to survive. This article explains how a small business web design company can help you create a website and what it matters in 2021.

Look Professional to Make a First Impression

A website helps you in making a first impression. A study from HubSpot Marketing Statistics revealed that 72% of consumers that did a local search ended up visiting the store.

This means they’re searching for information about your business before they visit your store. Having a professionally-designed website can create a first impression and drive more people to your local business.

If you do not have a website, the searches will benefit your nearest competitor if they have a website.

When designing a website, it’s crucial to make it visually appealing and mobile optimized. Since more people are searching from a mobile device, you need to make it easier to access your website.

Educate Customers About Your Products and Services

A website is a great way to educate potential customers on why they should consider your business over others. Can you deliver the products faster? Do you hold certificates that your competitors don’t? Then you can showcase these attributes on your website.

By looking at these, people will be better positioned to make an informed decision rather than a random one. And if they find enough reasons to do business with you, they will walk into your store.

Educating doesn’t only have to be specialties. You can educate on your store timings, products available, description, intended use, price, quantity, and things along those lines.

Generate More Leads

People use the internet to search for information. They use social media to connect with friends and family. You can leverage these mediums to generate leads for your business. And a website will help you in this pursuit.

To generate online leads, you’d need to create landing pages. These are specialized pages that educate and entice users to make a purchase or submit a lead form. You can drive traffic from search engines or social media to these pages and generate leads.

But without a website, you’ll be missing out on these lead generation opportunities.

Get People to Call Your Business

One of the easiest lead generation methods is to let people call your business for inquiries. You can place your phone number on the website. People can click on the number and call you up.

You can also run ads on Google and Facebook that allows people to call your business. These types of ads are called “Call-only” Ads.

So if you prefer phone calls for lead generation, you must set up a website and include correct phone numbers. 

Share Your Views, Opinions, or Upcoming Product Releases

A website is more than a collection of pages about your business. You can use it as a tool to share your opinions and views. You can set up a blog section on your website. Whenever you wish to share something with your customers to internet users, you can write a post and publish it.

A blog is also helpful in announcing upcoming offers. So if you’re stocking products that aren’t usually found in your store, then you can write about it and let the customers know.

As businesses recover from the pandemic slowdown, they must adopt online channels to get back to normalcy. By hiring a small business web design company, you can create an impactful website that attracts customers. The sooner you get it created, the better.