Design Tips For An Effective Business Website 

When you’re working on your business website, it’s best to lay a foundation of knowledge before you begin.  Understand the basics of what makes a business website attractive to web users and the search engines will help you to design a more applicable finished product. 

If you’re new to learning web design, start with a little light research.  Here is a brief compilation of some beginner design tips for an effective business website to get you on your way to becoming a skilled site designer.  

Simplicity is key

Keep the design of your website simple, so users don’t have to spend time trying to figure out how to use it.  If you want to turn visits into conversions, a complicated site design won’t serve you well. 

Make sure your navigation design is simple and easy to understand.  Design your products page to be easy to understand, and any ecommerce setup should make purchases an uncomplicated affair for users.  Try using good web design services to make things a lot easier.

Tell users about your business

A good business website has an “About” page that teaches users about the purpose and mission of your organization.  People are more apt to spend money with a company they can relate to or support, and giving them a story helps facilitate connections.  

Check out this example page, and learn about Kansas City Managed IT.  The page highlights their approach to business and even some of the leadership on their team, making their operation a bit more relatable.  

Communication makes an impact 

A solid website is designed with communication in mind.  You need the traditional “Contact” page to give people all the basic communication information about your business in one easy space, but you need more than that. 

Communication opportunities should be scattered all about your website design.  Communication should be something users can engage in on a whim.  A quick phone number drop or a simple email signup form will enrich the communication elements of your site.  

Mobile is king online

Mobile users are counted as the majority on every insight you’ll find online.  If you’re not designing to please mobile users, you’re undercutting your own success.  

Every part of your business website should be built to suit and delight mobile users.  Research what attributes of your site design matter most in mobile optimization, and design a spot for smartphone users to get things accomplished.  

Invest in SEO skills 

Search engine optimization will take you far in the digital realm.  If you incorporate the concepts of SEO within the design of your website, you’re likely to see a positive response.  More traffic on your site means more of a chance to make new connections, so invest in boosting your SEO skills today.