How you can use sectionals to create the perfect balance between home and office

When you first made the decision to work from home, you probably didn’t have a full understanding of what that would really look like. Especially when you see clients, vendors, service providers, or colleagues in your home, you want to be sure that your space gives off a professional air. At the same time, spaces shared for both business and personal uses still need to make you feel like you are in a private home.

There are a lot of ways you can use sectionals to create this balance, but getting the right kind of sectional is the first hurdle. Choosing the right sectional is important, and you should also consider the size and arrangement of the sectional.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Modular sectionals give you the most versatility

Modular sectionals are those that come in pieces (sometimes called cubes or seats) allowing you to configure them as needed. While you will have definite side pieces with arms, the rest of the seats can be arranged as you wish. You can get them to form a U shape, a square, or the traditional L shaped sectional. 

Modular sectionals are great because you can arrange them one way for business and another for pleasure. Now that these have been gaining in popularity and dropping in price, you will be able to get a good deal with sectionals on sale, either locally or online.

Use a sectional to divide open space for two distinct purposes

Getting a sectional with a tall back is a great way to make use of this large piece of furniture. If you have a great room or open concept home, dividing the space is important. You should put the waiting room or client area toward the front of the space nearest the door. To divide the rest of the room into a separate area, get a high backed sectional and place it in the middle of the room. Add a tall console table behind it to further create that illusory boundary.

The casual meeting room

If you have a spare bedroom, or if you already have a den or study, consider putting a sectional there as well. Use the sectional to create a cozy conversational environment, then add a larger square or rectangular cocktail table in the center. This gives you a more intimate and casual alternative to traditional meeting room with its impressive polished cherry table and wheeled executive chairs. 

If you design the room the right way you will also have a new spot to entertain guests away from electronics or the rest of the household.

A word to the wise – don’t skimp on the upholstery

A sectional can still look professional, but it’s really all about the upholstery you choose. It should be of a plain color, with no bright colors, pastels, or prints. The best option is to go with a leather or faux leather sectional, but you can also create the same ambiance with other luxury fabrics.