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Are you a student or a marketing intern or a team leader who is about to give a presentation in front of a room full of people? Any presentation is incomplete without a PowerPoint presentation. It is quite hard to keep your audience interested in your presentation without a PPT. 

Imagine, you’re discussing sales of this quarter and also the plans for the next quarter. With all the numbers involved, it can get a little hard for the others in the meeting to stay with you. However, if you have a ppt to support your presentation then it will help the others to catch up even if they were distracted in the middle. 

The first 10-15 minutes are crucial for any presentation that is the time to grab the attention of your audience and create an impact. And this impact carries on throughout your presentation. So make sure that your slides are impactful and powerful enough to create a strong impactful impression. 

But you must be wondering how to create a presentation that is effective, powerful and conveys the magic. Always remember that you don’t need any of the screen exploding high-quality designs or too much information on your slides. Always remember that to create a powerful PPT you must strike the perfect balance between the design and information in your slides. Provide all the information but don’t stuff too much information making it hard for people to understand your presentation.

The best presentations are always simple, subtle, present information in an interesting way. However, creating a presentation is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort and creativity to create each slide used in your presentation. You must keep all the other works aside and allocate all the time to create one presentation. If you’re also someone who is creating presentations from scratch then there is a way to reduce your workload but still create impactful presentations and keep your audience’s eyes stuck to your presentation. 

Free Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint template by FPPT

Wondering what is it?

Powerpoint templates by FPPT.com, yes you heard it right. With these templates, you can give your presentation the creative boost it needs. There are different styles or designs available for you to choose from. You can add an extra layer to your presentation without spending hours. Cool, right?

Although there are many platforms that offer PowerPoint templates, most of them are paid. But at FPPT.com you have access to around 12000+ free presentation templates for anyone who requires to make presentations in PowerPoint. It offers templates for different categories and for different topics. These pre-made templates are ready for your presentation. You can browse through these templates either by tags or colors. All the templates are organized under different categories and tags (alphabetically) making it easy for you to find your presentation. If you think that this platform just provides you with templates then you’re wrong. It offers users free PowerPoint designs, backgrounds.

A great resource for presenters Working from Home (WFH)

FPPT.com is not new to the market, it has been around for a long time (it was founded in 2008). This platform is a hub for free PowerPoint templates, illustrations, backgrounds and animated PPT templates. Be it for business, education, health, trading, etc. No matter what category you need to create a ppt, you would find something that matches your requirements. And not to forget their smart organization of the categories has made it easy for people to find what they’re looking for, even for newbies. 

You can choose the relevant template style that matches your presentation. There are different theme categories like modern, business, marketing, travel, etc. 

Say bye to monotonous PPT’s

Most people consider presentations to be a drag. And sitting in a dimly lit room with only a projector beam, some even start feeling sleepy. The reason for this is they consider presentation as a full-time and watching one after the other slides can get boring. You can grab the attention of your audience, by your good speaking skills. However that alone will not be helpful. So you need to make your presentation as creative as possible. Be it using interesting color combinations or interesting backgrounds. So with this platform, you can choose from the thousands of free templates and make your presentation impactful and exciting. There is not a thing for you to worry, these designs are created and curated by professionals. The diverse collection of templates will help with any of your presentation requirements. All you have to do is select a keyword in the search bar and you can choose from the results. 

Customizable templates 

All these templates are highly topic-specific, so you can no doubt use them for various specific presentations. The graphs, maps and the infographics are also prepared with a specific topic in mind. So they’re more likely to match your requirements, all you have to do is enter the data in their respective fields. 

Technology PowerPoint template by FPPT

If you think they’re not matching to your requirements, you can easily customize them. You can get as creative as possible and let your personality and skills reflect in your presentation. It offers many presentation tools and programs that will help you in making your presentation better. And the best thing about this platform is that it is easily compatible with Google slides, Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint and Open office. Importing your presentation into any of these platforms is simple and easy. Even if you import them your picture quality will not deteriorate.

No strings attached

If you’re someone who is by no means interested in taking a monthly or yearly subscription then FPPT.com is perfect for you. No commitment required, you can download templates for free without any sign-up. It will save you hundreds of dollars yet make interesting presentations. 

Example of free PowerPoint template with an abstract background by FPPT.com

One could say this platform is excellent as it provides users with extensive free customizable templates. The download is also easy and simple, within no time you can download any of these templates.


Sometimes PowerPoint is not the right tool for creating the presentation. In recent years Google Slides gained a lot of traction and popularity. But what happened is that even if Google offered Google Slides for free, people were so accustomed to use Microsoft PowerPoint that they need to add features to import .pptx presentations as Google Slides presentations. In the last decade, other sites for free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes have surged, Free Google Slides Templates, Slides Carnival, etc. (we recommend checking the alternatives to Slides Carnival for a complete list of resources offering free themes for Google Slides). However, with the templates provided by FPPT you can reuse them in a variety of presentation tools aside from Microsoft PowerPoint. Download the templates and use them in Google Slides, Keynote or even OpenOffice, without affecting your presentation quality.

Final words

With the endless supply of templates, you can create as many presentations you want and impress your audience with your presentation making skills. There is no ounce of doubt that this platform is one of the best out there for free PPT templates. If you’re someone who is not yet confident about your presentation skills, then creating attractive slides can be the first step towards improving your skills. Once you have the attention of the room, your presentation will naturally go well, don’t you agree? Next time you need to create an interesting presentation be it for your school project or office you know where to go. Go to the FPPT.com and discover the best template that will add stars to your presentation and make it impactful.