Virtual Zoom Backgrounds to Impress Your Colleagues

Zoom has exploded in popularity over the past few months, helping businesses around the world to keep employees in contact with one another even if they cannot share the same physical space.

You can overhaul your video conferencing experience by choosing from a range of Zoom virtual backgrounds. Opting for an alternative to the default options is not just a good way of making your colleagues green with envy, but could also help you to impress clients and your boss alike.

To that end, here are a few of the best Zoom backgrounds to use, tailored to a variety of conferencing contexts.

Image Source: Pexels

The stylish living room

This subgenre of virtual backgrounds for Zoom is actually one of the largest, and in addition to static images of impeccably arranged and well furnished living spaces, you can also find a range of full motion video variants that will add even more life to your next meeting.

There are a couple of reasons to choose a living room as your virtual background, with head-turning aesthetics being at the top of the agenda. Another reason to choose a domestic scene for your background, even if you are already working from home, is that this will allow you to avoid having to spend your valuable time tidying up before important calls, when your mind will be better occupied with other aspects of the preparation.

The cool office

While you might not be able to visit the office in person, using a virtual background in Zoom which features a good-looking workspace can be a good idea, especially if you are aiming to set a particularly professional tone for the call.

Once again there is a lot of choice in this category, ranging from suave boardrooms with high-end Scandinavian furniture to more intimate, subtly furnished office areas that may be more in keeping with your business, or your role within the organisation.

The architecture acolyte

If you would rather do away with the artifice of having a virtual background which looks like a room you might feasibly be using, then choosing an image or video of something entirely different is an option. Why not go all-out and pick a picture of architecture that connects with you on a deeper level, while also looking drop dead delightful?

As you might expect, in terms of building choice the world is your oyster, although it may make sense to choose something that is quite colorful, as even if you are a fan of blank concrete and Brutalism, this can make for a drab and dreary Zoom backdrop.

The naturalist

Anyone who is eager to have a cool, calming effect on their colleagues should probably pick a virtual background that is taken from nature. And most important, do not stick with the default tropical beach or shot of space that can be found on the app as standard.

To mix things up while showcasing the best that planet Earth has to offer, why not choose an undeniably majestic redwood forest, or a cool coastal viewpoint? Whatever you pick, express yourself and the other participants will be applauding your ingenuity.