CMMS Software

Does My Facility Need CMMS Software?

As a facility manager, record-keeping is your field of expertise. After all, you have been doing it for years and used everything from paper documents to text docs and Excel spreadsheets. However, you are also probably aware that you are one missing paper or document away from chaos. Suddenly, your team is double-booked, your machines haven’t been looked at by a technician in years, and you have somehow managed to promise your clientele double the production throughput this quarter.

You may have already accepted such difficulties as part of the job of being a facility manager, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Why should your facility’s production quantity and quality suffer when there’s a solution to all of your problems? You can easily avoid these situations by using a computerized maintenance management system.

What Is a CMMS?

CMMS is short for computerized maintenance management system. As the name suggests, it’s a computerized version of what otherwise would’ve been hundreds of scattered paper documents. A CMMS enables facility managers to organize better and automate emergency machinery repairs and regular maintenance tasks.

Another benefit of using a CMMS is cutting down on production time, preventing accidental redundancies, and, ultimately, saving your company time and money. Start your search to find the best CMMS software for your organization before it is too late.

Schedule Technicians

Another hurdle that comes up often when running and managing a facility is the need to constantly schedule appointments with technicians for emergency repairs and regular maintenance, all of which are made more complicated by the varying needs of different machines and equipment. Another benefit to using a CMMS program is the advanced scheduling feature.

You can use your current records of repair histories and how often each piece of machinery breaks to schedule appointments in advance. Over time, a CMMS will allow you to gauge the performance of your assets and calculate their return on investment in the long run.

Lower Costs

Aside from a reputable production line and plenty of clients to come, every production facility’s ultimate goal is to make more money, both through sales and by cutting back on unnecessary expenses. CMMS software allows you to do just that by tracking asset use so it can inform you what components of your equipment need repair. It also includes the average cost for each item to replace or maintain, and allows you to automate ordering spare parts. That way, you will never find yourself running low on repair equipment and components.

Not to mention, its scheduling ability also means you’ll always book the best technicians at their regular rates instead of their premium rates due to urgent appointments. While last-minute costs may not seem like much, repair fees can quickly add up one machine at a time, year after year.

Improve Accountability

Keeping detailed records about every occurrence and incident in your facility makes for an excellent accountability tool. Not only can you hold your employees accountable if a particular machine breaks soon after one or more of your employees uses it, but it also allows you to keep technicians accountable and even gauge the quality of their work. 

For example, you can tell how often a specific piece of equipment fails after a technician just worked on it and whether the failure was for the same reason as before or due to a different cause.

In addition to work quality, the CMMS tracking system also allows you to monitor progress and improvement in your facility closely. Whether you’re repairing a particular piece of machinery or implementing a new one, it can be helpful to track it as either unfinished and finished. Keeping track of your project’s progress and estimated maintenance time is essential when managing expectations.

Take Advantage of Technology

As a facility manager, you have a mountain of responsibilities that feel never-ending. CMMS software offers you the chance to refine your procedures and concentrate on more pertinent tasks than keeping paper records and updating them.

At first, it can be easy to dismiss using a CMMS as something only extensive production facilities should consider, and think it isn’t necessary for small and medium-sized facilities. However, the fact of the matter is that CMMS is a long-term investment that can grant you the time, energy, and resources to scale your business to the desired size. When that happens, you won’t have to go looking for a CMMS when you desperately need it. You will already have one that you and your staff trust and know how to use to benefit your facility.