eCommerce from Content, does it work?

Competent content marketing is one of the most important factors in increasing sales in the online store. We will talk about six types of content in the online store, which will help in the effective promotion of products. Small spoiler: still focus on the visualization of information, because more than half of users perceive pictures and videos better than text, and we strongly recommend to use Mageworx company extensions to provide the customer with all the information at the basket.

1. Infographics

This type of presentation, popular on many information resources, is clearly underestimated in e-commerce. Meanwhile, the presentation of information in the form of clear and simple diagrams, drawings, charts, graphs can help you to become more noticeable and build up from competitors. Good pictures are remembered, easily perceived and create a positive mood. And this is good for promotion – infographics can have a viral effect and bring additional traffic. Good content – good revenue.

The creation of infographics is engaged in web studios, but you can try to make it yourself, with the help of special services. With the help of infographics, it is possible to bring any information: to tell about the features of the online store in general and the product in particular, to reveal the ways of its use and interest in useful tips.

Infographics should supplement the text, not completely replace it. Your main task is to get the attention of the user in the first few seconds so that he would stay in the online store. This is how competent content marketing works in the online store.

The rules are simple: create infographics related to the niche in which you work, carefully check the information, be sure to build a logical chain. With the help of infographics, you need to tell a complete story, which must be useful to your customers.

2. Video content

We have already written about the importance of conquering an active audience that prefers video hosting more than once. This is a great way to promote the brand, talk about new products, ongoing promotions, launch contests that will attract additional traffic to the site, and so on.

You can shoot a video together with professionals, or you can do without a video camera and tripod. Quality is not the main thing: the more original and interesting your channel will be, the more chances to capture the attention of the audience. Learn what top video bloggers do, analyze popular channels, take note of the most interesting findings.

3. Experts’ opinion

The content of the online store with the exclusive opinion of an expert in the field where you work will add some weight to your website and will be a significant advantage for SEO. Such speakers can be made the heroes of publications in the online store’s public relations in social networks (you can enter the format “guest blog”) and get good feedback through comments.

The information that you will receive from the expert, should concern a wide audience: it can be predictions of the market development, the main trends, the opinion on important events for the industry, and so on.

4. Useful lists and information

Any useful content will attract additional traffic to your online store. For online shops selling clothes and shoes, it can be, for example, “10 things that are worth (or not) to wear this summer,” “20 trends of the year”, “5 ways to make sure that shoes are not rubbed” and so on, with hyperlinks to certain products.

Users also like to pass entertaining tests (their results can also be linked to products from the online store), study interesting, original recipes and useful tips, as well as participate in online entertainment.

5. Product reviews

Reviews are a good way to draw attention to a particular product. Customers love to learn about the “live” experience, learn the pros and cons of products, get answers to questions firsthand.

The classical review contains:

  • The product name, its manufacturer
  • A detailed and clear description
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Difference between similar models
  • The price…
  • Conclusion: Who exactly would be the right person for this product

Reviews can be both text and video (the latter, for obvious reasons, attract more attention).

6. Buyer survey

Content in the online store can also be generated by customers themselves. A good way to establish communication with customers and get feedback is to conduct a study of your audience. To do this, you can place a block of questions on the site, which the buyer, if desired, can answer. To encourage customer activity, promise a bonus (discount, free shipping, etc.) to those who participate in the survey.

What should I ask? This should be determined based on your objectives. How convenient it is to make a purchase in an online store, whether the customer is satisfied with the design of the site, where he learned about the online store.

If the visitor left without shopping, find out why (too expensive, uncomfortable to place an order, did not find the right product and so on).

In any case, the questions should be as simple and clear as possible. The visitor to the site must be given a choice: to take part in the survey or refuse.