Email Marketing Trends In 2019

While different marketing channels seem to be coming and going, replacing each other every year. One popular channel always remains there – it’s email. It is used by marketers all around the globe for different purposes. Although it still remains a reliable channel to apply your marketing strategy, the way we should use it continually changes. Time flows and brings more and more exciting tools and trends that boost the effectiveness of email marketing. And 2019 also has something new for us.

So, what surprises does the new year hold for marketers? In this post, we will tell you about the top email marketing trends to be aware of in 2019!

Top 6 Trends In Email Marketing For 2019

  1. Privacy


In 2018, Data Protection was one of the leading trends in email marketing, and we had to adjust to the new rules. In 2019, data privacy will remain an important thing to keep up with as users now expect to get a high level of security wherever they go.

You should keep in mind that on top of GDPR, the businesses in the EU will soon face another significant change – new cookie law, e Privacy. This way, visitors of the website will always have a choice on whether to allow the use of cookies or not. What does it mean? Marketers will have to change the way they’ve done targeting in the past.

It also means that email marketing will become even more popular among specialists because according to a recent study, 79% of experts plan to focus more on email marketing after the new laws take effect.

  1. Brand Humanization

Not so long ago, we’ve been mostly focused on how to attract new customers. Well, in 2019 the whole idea of marketing changes. Now, companies’ top priority is not to attract but to keep its clients by increasing their loyalty.

To increase consumers’ trust, specialists will now use a technique called Brand Humanization. The idea of this method is to show real people and values behind the company’s name, create an emotional connection with customers, and strengthen your relationships with them. Here is a couple of ideas for brand humanization:

  • Storytelling – in 2019, it is essential to make a difference and share your story with the consumers.
  • Sharing values – another way to bond with customers is to put the values of your company forward. Show what makes you different!
  1. Personal Signatures

Another popular trend in 2019 is an email signature. Not only can this small element of your marketing campaign contribute to the brand’s humanization, but it also performs several additional tasks:

  • Shares a visual representation of you and/or your business as a professional one with every email you send;
  • Boosts brand’s recognition;
  • Contributes to your corporate style;
  • Increases trust and loyalty of your clients.

And this is not the end! In addition, an email signature serves as your online business card. It gives your recipients a possibility to reach out to you without wasting a single second on looking for your contact details. It increases the open rate and conversion rate of your emails. And, with some extra elements in your signature, you can also get more traffic and followers.

  1. Interactivity

Due to the popularity of email marketing, the competition for customers’ attention is becoming more and more intense every year. Just imagine thousands of companies tackling a client with their newsletters and offers, while they delete the most of these messages not even looking at them. Do we have to explain now why an email with a plain text doesn’t impress anyone anymore?

That’s why interactivity is a new big trend! It is an opportunity to draw the user’s attention and make them engage with your letter. People now can read articles, complete surveys, shop, or do everything they would typically do on a website right from their inbox.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to apply this trend to your strategy:

  • Use responsive MJML language to code your emails.
  • Think of mobile-friendliness on the first hand.
  1. Collaboration

Companies no longer entrust a single person to craft their campaigns. Over the past several years they were increasing budgeting and sizes of their marketing teams for higher productivity. It gave a big start to “Collaboration” as one of the tools for effective email marketing.

Apart from creating big marketing departments, brands don’t neglect to hire external specialists and agencies. It significantly boosts the results of each campaign, so you might want to adopt this trend as well!

  1. Better Targeting

This is one of those trends that sticks around for quite a while. It is not new or unexpected, but it will remain relevant in 2019 too.


The modern concept of targeting assumes delivering the right content to the right prospect, most importantly, at the right time. If you can do this, your conversion rates will boost along with the loyalty of your customers. And in 2019 you have to bring this process to almost full automation.


You need segmentation to deliver relevant and high-quality content. Only a few years ago, segmentation was just another opportunity you could use, but now it is a must! In 2019 all marketers should send different content to their prospects based on their behavior, location, age, and other data.


Personalization is no longer all about appealing to your recipient by their name. It has got more complex, and you have to get used to it.

Prospects already feel the need to receive emails that look as they’ve been written specifically for them, so they expect the same from you!

Advanced personalization is now the key to setting a contact with your prospects. Of course, it now takes much more time for targeting, segmentation, and analysis of the customers’ behavior, but such individual approach to every client will definitely bring you the results you were striving for!