10 Reasons to use Microsoft dynamics 365 for sales and Marketing right away

The new module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is making the firms feel confident about their marketing strategy. It adds more sales power by mainly focusing on combining all the customer information and helps in executing and evaluating marketing campaigns effectively.

While cloud-based automation apps are battling for prominence, let’s see the top 10 reasons to use Microsoft dynamics 365 for sales and Marketing right away. The Microsoft office 365 new marketing automation platform increases business opportunities and allows the companies to stay ahead of the competition. Being a best  Microsoft dynamics partner here are the some of the Important points mentioned.

Marketing campaigns through a Multitude of Channel:

To significantly increase the efficiency of your campaigns, the new marketing module encompasses feature that enables for both the creative and data-driven viewpoints of an excellent marketing campaign. Also, it supports multichannel campaigns with design tools available readily to create lead capture forms, email marketing and compelling landing pages.

Webinars on the go:

Webinars play an essential role in turning prospects to loyal customers by identifying and nurturing potential customers and generate leads via content marketing. Dynamic 365 for marketing allows you to manage and deliver webinars by integrating third party webinar applications on the go.

Measurable marketing insights:

Dynamics 365 for Marketing includes rich analytical tools which help to evaluate campaign performance. It also opens windows for enormous insights, including cost-benefit analysis.

Offer Actionable Marketing Activities:

You can collect, examine and study the data and record the results precisely by which you can understand the actionable insights. From the number of acquired leads to measuring the channel effectiveness, anything can be analyzed with this marketing module.

 Data protection:

When it comes to marketing, protecting the data is a paramount concern. But with Microsoft Dynamic 365, it made it easier and safer than ever. It takes effective measures like Double opt-in, duplicate checks, mapping the entire contact history in CRM etc.

Social Media Campaigns:

In this digital world, not focusing on social media marketing would be a grave mistake. But Microsoft Dynamic understood this better and offers options to create social media campaigns and text messages. The Microsoft social engagement feature that comes with the CRM suite’s takes care of social media marketing.

No More Mass Emailing:

With the entire contact history stored in the CRM, now you can evaluate your email marketing strategy and understand which content catches on best with a particular target audience. Based on this, you can stop sending mass emails, and focus only on the target groups with the tailor-made email content.

Reach out to LinkedIn’s Business Prospects:

 Dynamics 365 offers LinkedIn’s lead tool directory. Using this tool, you can swiftly connect to your target LinkedIn audiences by importing leads.

Acquire actionable survey feedbacks:

Understanding customer’s needs and expectation is a crucial part of the successful business strategy that could help grow relationships as well as revenue. Using Dynamic 365, create surveys and gather actionable feedback from customers.

Lead management:

The all in one Dynamic 365 marketing tool offers customer journeys, lead scoring, behaviour tracking, dynamic landing pages, email marketing, social media marketing and more, which forms the core marketing approach. The automated lead-scoring system, which helps to identify the prospect leads at every stage of the customer journey assigns grades to the leads. This highly allows salespeople to focus on the most productive areas.