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Expand Your Business with Website Visitor Identification

Did you know that on average 98% of website visitors leave your website without contacting you? That is a huge market that most businesses are not tapping into.

Inbound marketing concentrates on attracting new customers by providing applicable and helpful content. Some of the warmest B2B leads for your sales team are generated from tracking visitors to your site.

Visitors have discovered your website while searching for solutions to suit their individual business needs, and this means that many of them are a perfect fit for your products or services. This means that you’re ranking well in the search engines for buyer oriented keywords in your specific industry, and there is a healthy amount of web traffic exploring your site.

However, if 98% of these visitors are leaving without contacting you, how can you turn them into leads and how does your business progress?

By identifying the visitors on your site you can establish new opportunities for your sales and marketing teams. You can recover lost leads and improve the overall conversion rate of your site.

You can tap into so much lead potential with the right platform — learn more at Visitor Queue — a website user identifier company that is partnered with Google Analytics to do IP address reversal, using Google’s tracking scripts to give you the critical data that you need, such as specific company names, geographical locations, firmographic and employee contact information.

Of course, this technology isn’t new but many professional sales and marketing teams are not leveraging the power of website visitor tracking.

When you can identify the company that website visitors are from, you’ll be able to reach out to your target persona directly.

You’ll be able to adapt your content to what these individuals are looking for and tailor your pitch accordingly.

Generate B2B Leads by Identifying Anonymous Visitors

With an increased number of leads built from your website, your sales and marketing teams can benefit greatly. Marketing teams work hard to maximize the number of leads generated on their website using traditional methods such as SEO and content marketing.

But why not get right to the source?

Find out exactly who your leads are and uncover company and contact details associated with each unique IP address that visits your site. The right website visitor tracking platform will not only uncover specific IP addresses and geographical locations, but it will also tell you details about company name and social media presence.

You want to discover key contact details of highly targeted prospects that are interested in and exploring your business solutions.

Identifying website visitors can be an extremely effective way to develop warm B2B leads for your sales and marketing teams.

When you identify companies that have visited your site, as well as the pages they went to, you can build an accurate picture of what your target prospects and buyer persona are doing on your website.

With the right website visitor identification company, you will optimize your business’s potential to succeed — you’ll be able to close more deals and grow your business!