FamiSafe Review: Best parental control App

Being a parent is not an easy job, although it brings huge happiness there is no doubt that it is a huge responsibility. It is inevitable that you worry about your children all the time while giving them the space they need to grow. You must also see that they’re going in the right direction. 

If you’re a parent you know handling your teens is quite hard, you cannot control every aspect of their life as you will not always be present with them. You can’t choose their friends for them. It is important for parents to accept this fact that it is not possible to supervise every aspect of your child’s life. But it is definitely not wrong to worry about them and have the urge to keep them safe at the same time. 

With the evolution of technology and the birth of the internet, Gen-Z is putting its huge part of their life out there. And in this world of cyberbullying and mean comments, it is good to have an eye on what is going on in their life. The children now have quick access to social media and the internet and it is safe to say that it has both positive and negative effects. So it is important for you to protect your children from entering the forbidden parts of the internet. You need to have little control over what they’re watching and what they’re searching for. 

Is your child safe online?

It is established that every parent is worried about their safety be it online or offline. For every parent, the safety of their children comes first. All of the parents are quite worried about the safety of their children when they go outside. But one thing most don’t understand is that they’re not safe online too. Most of the time they don’t really understand things and end up becoming prey for cyber crimes or cyberbullying. When it comes to the safety of your kids, you should never settle for less. Frankly isn’t better to be safe than sorry. So having parental control is good to a certain extent. Having control doesn’t mean that you must pry into each and every detail of their life. It is good enough to be a spectator and just in when necessary.

Not, for this reason, this generation is obsessed with gadgets and it is quite hard for them to stay away from one. Which is definitely not good for their physical and mental health. As said above the internet is an amalgamation of good and bad things. So controlling the screen time will only do good for them. Let them explore the world and learn new things while keeping them safe. It is best for you to have ios parental controls to not worry about what they’re looking upon on the internet on their iPad or iPhone.

How about having a parental control app that will keep your children safe from the dangers of the internet? 

Sounds good, right?

Having such an application will come off as relief for many parents. They can chat with their friends, look up things online, and explore the world as much as they please. But you know what they’re doing is definitely a good thing as you can correct them or stop them from falling into bad habits or any potential dangers. 

See it is given that you cannot control every aspect of the internet, so why not put extra efforts to keep your child safe. One such parental control app that will allow you to detect the inappropriate content on the devices of your children is FamiSafe. 

FamiSafe is undoubtedly one of the most reliable parental control apps out there. With this app, the parents can track the real-time location, control the screen time, and most importantly detect if the kids are engaging in any inappropriate content. It safeguards your kids and helps them in forming good digital habits. Now with most parents juggling between their personal and professional life, to keep their kids indulged they hand them a mobile. It is not a shock that even kids who are not yet three years old can easily operate mobile and open youtube to play their favorite rhyme. Don’t you think it is good to cultivate a habit of using mobile-only for a reasonable amount of time? That is what FamiSafe does: it allows parents to set a reasonable time limit for the children to use the device. This way they can explore the world whilst developing a healthy digital habit. 

What else can FamiSafe do?

There is so much FamiSafe can do. As we already discussed cultivating healthy digital habits in kids then what about adolescents. You have also been through that age, so you possibly know how curious kids get at that age. They are hungry for knowledge and to explore the world. So it gets quite hard to keep a track of what they’re doing and where they’re.

Talking about the internet, this generation spends most of its time on Youtube. So one can safely say that whatever they watch and read will shape them. Agreed that you can just control everything because that will only build a barrier between you and them. But however, there are some aspects that you cannot let loose. With youtube parental control you can set parental control on your child’s different devices. This way you can keep them safe from any age-inappropriate videos, dangerous challenges, and youtube addiction. As you know many young people undergo cyberbullying and with such control, you can keep them safe online too. 

Keep their Whereabouts & online danger

As the kids become more independent they start going around themselves. It is good that they’re becoming independent but parents constantly worry about their whereabouts when they don’t pick up the call or come back late at night. FamiSafe parents can find out easily the whereabouts of their kids. From sexual predators to cyberbullying there are so many things that parents try hard to shield their kids from. FamiSafe lends them a helping hand in keeping their kids safe. The parents will automatically receive alerts whenever inappropriate content is detected on their children’s mobile. 

All-round online protection

FamiSafe provides your kids with all-round protection. From an activity report to a family locator, it offers you different features that will make sure that your child doesn’t come across anything remotely inappropriate on the internet. You can track the daily activities of their devices such as which apps have they uninstalled or uninstalled. The activity report also shows you how much time they’re spending on each app. App usage and Blocker will check how much time are they spending on each app and set time limits for specific applications. Not only that it also allows you to block certain categories of apps during their sleep or study time.

Website filtering will block unwanted websites or inappropriate content by categories while adding exceptions to certain websites. You can view deleted browser history. Parental alerts will send you instant alerts in case they find anything suspicious or disturbing content on social media. Also, raise red flags if they spot any inappropriate pictures and texts. Screen time lets you set a smart schedule, block their devices on go and also reward them with screentime in case they finish their tasks. The family locator will help you in tracking your kid’s real-time location. You can also view the location history and set geofences (safe zones). If they cross the geofences you will automatically be notified.

Why FamiSafe?

With all the information provided you would have already understood how special this application is and how it will protect your kids. But if you’re still not convinced then this is for you. 

You can Trust FamiSafe without any doubt. Around 1,000,000 kids are protected by this application. For data transmission, it uses the RSA cryptosystem, and parents from around 200 countries are trusting this application with their children’s online safety. It warns you against potential risks of violence, suicidal thoughts, cyberbullying, harassment and so much more that happens in your child’s mobile. 

But you must be thinking then what about my child’s privacy?

No need to worry as its TensorFlow Lite deep learning framework for the online inference only detects the suspicious pictures on the mobile. So you can be assured that it will not violate your child’s privacy.

How to get FamiSafe?

It is quite simple, in three simple steps you can download FamiSafe.

All you have to do is register a FamiSafe account, you can do it either on the website, Google Play, or App Store. Then install the application on both Kid’s and parent’s devices. Once you’re done installing, connect, and manage the devices from the FamiSafe web portal or dashboard app. With only one FamiSafe account you can protect up to 5 devices with a monthly plan, 10 devices with the quarterly plan, and 30 devices with an annual plan. If you would like to try the app before you make the decision, FamiSafe is offering a demo too. 



FamiSafe comes with three plans. So choose a plan that you deem will be appropriate for your family. This application is undoubtedly one of the best parental control apps. If you have any queries you can contact their support team. They are always available and your ticket will be resolved within 24 hours. You can contact them through email or call them. 

Monthly- $9.99/month

Annual- $4.99/month

Quarterly- $6.66/month


Since you have made it to the end of the article, you must have already understood why you must install the FamiSafe app. This parental control app will make sure that your kids are not exposed to inappropriate content on the internet. You cannot settle for the second-best when it comes to your kid’s safety. Download this application and ensure that they’re always safe. It comes with a user guide along with tips and tricks that will help you understand how to set up parental controls on iPhone, iPad, or other Apple devices. Safeguard your kids with Famisafe, the best parental control app.