Tips for Launching a Successful Outbound Calling Program

Collections, appointment setting, sales prospecting, and marketing campaigns — these are just some of the benefits that an outbound call center can provide. An outbound call center is a call center where agents predominantly make outgoing calls for any of the aforementioned tasks.

Outbound call centers are most productive when they use automated technologies to eliminate routine tasks such as manual dialing by the agent. Bright Pattern is an enterprise B2B call center software provider, and one of the leading vendors for AI-driven omni-channel contact center software. Their contact center software allows you to seamlessly connect with customers over any channel.

The benefits of using an outbound call center.

There are many benefits to outbound call centers. Agent productivity can be greatly enhanced, as employees do not have to manually dial numbers or waste time on unanswered calls, incorrect phone numbers, or leaving voicemail messages. All of this increases productivity and your profits.

For example, the Bright Pattern outbound call center solution gives your organization the ability to seamlessly communicate with clients throughout their entire customer journey. Their outbound call center solutions will help ensure that you are compliant with all communication laws and regulations, too, so you don’t lose money to nasty lawsuits.

Digital marketing can help you boost your brand.

When selecting a vendor to do your marketing, advertising, website design, search engine optimization, or other promotional activities, it just makes sense to pick a partner who is knowledgeable, proactive, and will get the job done. After all, avoiding an expert can cost you a lot of money if things aren’t done the right way.

Webolutions, a Denver web design and SEO company, entered the game along with the World Wide Web back in 1994 and has become a leading firm in recognizing marketing capabilities on any medium. They understand how to create a more effective online presence and have helped many businesses do just that. Applying their unique Performance By Design system, Webolutions ensures that your web development and design is focused on a single goal: maximizing your results and impact. If you’re going to run a successful outbound calling program, you’ll want to rely on a company like Webolutions to help support your brand.


Name your goals and stick to them.

Creating a good strategy starts with identifying and prioritizing goals.  The clearer the business objectives, the greater chance of developing an effective plan.  Webolutions’ Market Positioning Action Plan helps clients clarify their goals, develop detailed target personas, and identify their brand positioning relative to the competition. Marketing strategy development involves detailed research about competitive messaging and marketing tactics.  Webolutions researches the key players in the category to determine what they are saying and doing and will help you use that to influence your own marketing strategy development. This can help you clearly identify what benchmarks you need to be meeting and determine how to best go about achieving those goals.

Keep the pillars of effective marketing in mind.

Every business is unique, but there are certain cornerstones that make marketing more effective. Regardless of your business, you should be able to clearly answer the following questions as you work with a third-party contractor to evaluate how to best market your company.

  • How will you stay competitive?
  • In what ways can you take your customer service to the next level?
  • How can every member of your company help live out your brand’s values?
  • What actions are you taking to progress toward your yearly goals and five-year goals?

Beyond knowing the answers to these questions, you should be able to clearly articulate these ideas to any web designer or other contractor you might be working with. After all, if you aren’t actively investing in people and tools to boost your outbound call center’s performance, you’ll likely run in to trouble later down the road.