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Steps To Making A Mind Map

Creating a mind map can help you clearly draw your thoughts in the form of an interconnected tree of ideas and topics. This can help in the creative process, and can also help improve your creativity.

There can be a mind map for everything under the sun. But how do you make one? Well fortunately, it is not rocket science. Below are some of the easy-to-follow steps you can follow to create your first mind map.

Start With The Main Topic

When you are thinking of creating a mind map, odds are that you have a main topic to write around. So, whenever you step trying to make a mind map, start with writing your main topic at the center. From here, you can make your way outwards by adding smaller topics in the form of branches originating from the main topic.

Main topics can be of various types.

  • It can be a problem you are looking to solve.
  • A project you are working on.
  • Or some complex concept that you are trying to break down into smaller pieces to understand.

For example, let’s say you have to write an essay on Bill Gates, then main topic would be labeled as “Bill Gates”, and will be mentioned at the center of your mind map.

Start Expanding The Main Topic Into Subtopics

Once the main topic has been highlighted, you can go on to add related, simple subtopics which further explain the subject at hand. At this stage, you do not need to add any expanded details of the topic. Just some basic subheadings are going to be enough.

For example, in the case of our subject “Bill Gates”, our subtopics need to be some points that explain some things about his life. Like “Entrepreneur”, “Billionaire”, “Philanthropist” and so on.

In the subtopics, you need to mention all the key points that you can write about and explain more later on.

Explore And Keep Adding More Branches

Once the basic structure (Main topic + Subtopics) is ready, conduct more research and keep adding the points until you run out of more valuable information. This is how you can keep expanding your mind map to add as much information as you want to.

Add Some Colors

You can add different levels of thought into your mind map by simply adding colors. Color coding your mind map is the best way to keep track of your progress and to avoid confusion between different levels of thought.

Adding colors and other features to your mind maps becomes fairly easy when you use an application for the mind mapping this process. A great advantage of this method is that you can create mind maps on the go. Additionally, any new ideas  can easily be added to any level of mind map.

Lots of information can be broken down into smaller, easy to understand steps by using the mind mapping technique. That is why everyone working on their projects should use mind mapping applications.