First ever Bitcoin themed wedding a BTC lover executed it

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Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular, and people use it for more strange things. Not too long ago, a few people who used Bitcoin in Lebanon decided to take their interest in the currency to the next level. Nassar is an international business engineer, and Bitcoin gave him ideas for how to decorate his wedding.

In reality, the wedding was a very exciting event. As a thank you for coming to Nassar’s wedding, each guest was given a certain number of satoshis, the smallest amount of bitcoin that could be used. But the wedding was all about volcanoes. This was done to show the Bitcoin bonds, also called Volcano bonds, of El Salvador. 

Reports say he brought a volcano stand to the wedding and gave people gifts through the Lightning Network. Also, every piece of silverware used at the reception after the wedding had instructions on downloading a Bitcoin Lightning Network wallet. If someone knew this, they would get 4,000 Satoshis.

A Bitcoin or cryptocurrency-themed wedding sounds like it could be a lot of fun and would be different from other weddings. 

Someone in Lebanon is even more excited about Bitcoin (BTC) than before. Satoshi Nakamoto made Bitcoin, which gave Said Nassar, an international business engineer, ideas for how to plan the look of his wedding.

The wedding’s theme was volcanoes, a nod to El Salvador’s Bitcoin bonds, better known as the Volcano bonds. As a thank, you, Satoshis, the smallest unit of a Bitcoin, were given to everyone who came to the Nassar family’s wedding. This was the Nassar family’s way of saying thanks to everyone who came to their big day.

Seventy-five of the 250 people who were to get Satoshi wedding gifts downloaded wallets and asked Nassar for the 4,000 Satoshis. All of these people were getting Bitcoin for the first time.

Even though 10% of the world’s people will be using Bitcoin by 2030, there is a 30% chance that his plan to get more people to use Bitcoin will work. “Everyone at the wedding saw it and thought about it,” Nassar says.

Narasipuram wrote on LinkedIn that he and Shruti had made their marriage “blockchain official” by using an Ethereum smart contract to seal their promise to each other as an NFT minted on OpenSea. Anoop Pakki was in charge of the wedding. They called him their “digital priest.” “Anoop Pakki presided as our very own “digital priest” during our virtual wedding.

 The NFT was made with a picture of Narasipuram’s wife, Nair’s engagement ring, and their wedding vows. They also made Metamask wallets and had their digital priest coin the NFT on OpenSea before sending him the transaction.

They even talked to an Indian digital currency exchange called Zebpay, helping them set up a “Bitcoin booth.” With the help of the people who work there, people can buy and sell bitcoin at the booth.

This is done so that no one will think that Sharma and Shree are trying to make money from their family and friends.