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Five Digital Marketing Tips From The Moz Whiteboard Friday Series

Any SEOs reading this will have heard of Moz Whiteboard Friday. That is unless you’ve spent the past fifteen years or so residing under a rock.

This vlog series is a bastion of SEO knowledge. They’ve been pumping out high quality, informed, and actionable videos for over a decade. There are hundreds of episodes covering every topic a digital marketer will ever need.

At Edge45, we watch Whiteboard Friday often. Even though we’re SEO experts, the series has plenty to teach. This isn’t an industry where you can get complacent, and the videos (along with the active discussion that takes place on each one) are one of the many ways we keep our knowledge up to scratch.

We were inspired to look back over the history of Whiteboard Friday, and turn this into an interactive infographic. Our idea was to pay homage to the series and to drill down into the steps they took to achieve such massive success.

Here are five top digital marketing tips to strengthen your content, learned from one of the most popular SEO content series of all time.

#1 Be consistent

For the past twelve years, give or take a couple of weeks, there’s been a new episode of Whiteboard Friday (you guessed it) every Friday.

That is incredible consistency. For the vast majority of its life, the WBF series has not disappointed people navigating to the site to watch the latest installation.

Over time, this consistency equates to credibility. You become known as reliable. And people make a connection between this and other areas of your business.

If you publish content, whether it’s blog posts, video updates, tweets, Instagram stories, or anything else – try to do it consistently. Make sure that people have something to look at when they’ve learned to expect it, and over time perception of your brand will benefit.

#2 Make it easy to engage

Want to watch Whiteboard Friday as a video? You got it.

Need to watch sneakily with muted sound and subtitles? No problem.

Prefer to read a transcript of the post? They’ve got you covered.

Want to navigate to the Moz site each week? Be their guest.

Or maybe you’d prefer each episode to arrive in your inbox? Absolutely no bother.

Moz WBF is very versatile. It responds to the needs of all sorts of users, in all sorts of situations. If you publish content, try to replicate this. Your audience is not one homogeneous mass, so don’t publish your content as if they were!

#3 Be broad

Moz started life as SEOMoz, and they’ve since moved toward a more general digital marketing stance. The vlog series is known primarily as an SEO resource, but they also cover a huge range of topics that are relevant enough to be of interest to SEOs.

Here’s some examples:

  • User experience (UX)
  • Marketing psychology
  • Copywriting
  • Public relations
  • Branding
  • Analytics

Each of these disciplines can stand its ground outside of SEO, but by covering them in their videos, Moz broadens the appeal of their content. It becomes useful for different audiences, and their engagement increases as a result.

If you publish content, don’t blinker yourself. Be prepared to think outside the box, and to cover topics that are slightly tangential to your key focus area. As long as there is some relevant link, you’ll benefit from boosting the appeal of your content.

#4 Invite your friends!

Rand Fishkin presents the vast majority of WBF videos. For a long time, he was head honcho at Moz, and even now that he’s stepped aside, you’ll often see his face.

But part of their success comes from drawing on a massive range of guest presenters. This roster of guests includes colleagues, industry figures, keynote speakers, and many more. Each time a new presenter was invited on board, they brought their own special range of knowledge. They brought variety and kept the series engaging.

If you publish content, don’t be afraid to open the doors to guest contributors. Done right, guest content can bring variety and fresh insights to your blog.

#5 Get a good camera

Over time, the amount of pixels in Moz WBF videos has increased. The first few episodes looked like they were filmed in a cupboard with a potato, and a gradual evolution has led to the top-of-the-range HD cameras they use today.

The lesson here? Use the best technology available to you.

People in 2020 don’t want to watch clunky, pixelated videos. They want quality. Moz WBF is often played in conference rooms to large audiences (like at SEO agencies, for example) – HD is compulsory in such settings.

If you publish video content or any visual media – make sure it is good quality. People will be quickly put off by low-fidelity images, and they won’t hesitate to look elsewhere.

There you have it

Moz WBF has achieved massive success, but this is built on replicable principles. If you’re willing to invest time, effort, and energy into your content, you can see similar success.

Whatever niche you’re in, we’re confident that actioning these tips will improve your content offering.