Hoping to improve your photography skills? All you Need Is Your Pixel 3

Smartphone cameras are amazing nowadays. Years ago, you’d be lucky if you could get a picture that wasn’t grainy and dark. Now, you can use them to take gorgeous pictures and use simple editing tools to make them look like they were snapped by a professional. If you’re hoping to improve your photography skills, don’t order a new DLSR camera — just take the Google Pixel 3 out of your front pocket.

The website DxOMark Mobile rated the Google Pixel 3’s camera as one of the best phone cameras on the market, tying it with the iPhone XR. It was given a high score because of its strong detail preservation, its accurate Flash, its fast autofocus and its good dynamic range.

Learn the Camera Features!

If you want to take better pictures, you should get to know the Pixel 3 camera features and what they help you do ahead of time.

For instance, if you want to take a group selfie, you can turn on Group Selfie Cam — this allows you to zoom out and take a wide-angle shot easily. The convenient camera feature will make sure that you never have a group selfie that cuts off half of the subjects and gives you an awkward shot of chins and foreheads. There’s no need for everyone to squish into the frame and there’s no need for a selfie stick.

Another camera feature that you will like is Top Shot — it takes pictures right before and after the shutter button is pressed, so you will have multiple results to choose from. The feature will help pick the best of the bunch. You won’t have to settle for group photos where every subject looks amazing except for that one person who blinked or turned at the wrong second.

Finally, you should get acquainted with the Night Sight feature if you plan on using your camera after sunset or in low-light areas. The camera mode will guarantee that any pictures taken in the dark look well-lit and detailed. Whether you’re taking pictures during a midnight stroll or a wild night out at the club, the results will look anything but grainy.


Get the Right Accessories!

Before you start doing outdoor photoshoots with your friends, you’re going to want to get some high-quality protection for your Pixel 3. There will be nothing more disappointing than fumbling your device and watching it make a horrible smack on the ground.

You can find skins for your Google Pixel at dbrand that can protect the phone from cosmetic damage like scuffs and scratches, in case you have an accident. In less dramatic scenarios, they will stop your house keys from scraping up the back. Pair that vinyl skin with a durable screen protector and your device should be ready to survive any mishap.

If you want an accessory that can enhance the Pixel 3’s camera, you should get clip-on Wide-Angle lenses from Olloclip to expand the limits of your photos and videos. All you have to do is slip on the Multi-Device clip over the camera and then click away. They offer other options like the Super-Wide Essential Lens, Macro Intro Lens, Telephoto Pro Lens and Fisheye Lens.


Download Some Camera Apps!

Sometimes the editing tools that you have on your phone won’t feel like enough when you want to post the perfect shot on social media. Instagram only has so many filters and editing tools to work with. An app like VSCO Cam will offer you more filters and editing options to enhance your photos.

If you’re worried about an unwanted pimple ruining your selfie, you can use an app like Facetune2 to airbrush it away as a last-minute touch-up. Facetune 2 will let you do other small edits like whiten teeth, cover redness and smooth out skin.

You’ve already spent a bunch of money on your Google Pixel 3, so there’s no need to go out and buy an expensive DSLR camera to get great pictures. After using the right camera features, accessories and apps, you’ll be impressed by your photography skills. And, you’ll be relieved you saved yourself some extra cash.