How Innovative Product Photography Can Boost Conversions

More than anything else, your website was built for it to drive clients to purchase your products. If it isn’t achieving the aim of sales conversions, then what exactly is its function?

Every e-commerce seller itches for those days when he or she would sales, and then more sales. With 3D models around the block, you can achieve sales conversions with innovative product photography.

In this article, I would help you run down the ‘How’.

Eyes as the Gateway to the Mind: Engage Your Clients’ Eyes

Whatever you do, ultimately, you need to have it at the back of your mind, that if your clients’ eyes aren’t engaged, their minds would not think upon your products. The sense of sight is one of the keenest senses and can be exploited in favor with the help of innovative product photography. Without even saying any words, your products would speak all kinds of messages to your prospective clients if you use this technique very well.

What this means is that the use of visuals is an excellent way to improve your conversion rate.

The way in which awesome images work is that they repeatedly reach out to your customers’ emotions, eventually helping to carve out the right kind of relationship with them. At the point of purchase, you would discover that it influenced a buyer up till that point by some great images.

In Favor of Innovative Product Photography

What are the advantages of product photography? How does it help boost your conversions? The reasons are:

●      It Creates and Maintains an Image of Your Brand

The right product photos are big enough for a prospective client to pore over and examine, and of high-resolution. This way, your product’s beauty and uniqueness is seen. They should also be at least 1,500 pixels, allowing potential customers to zoom in and view the details of the product very well. As seemingly little as these features are, don’t be surprised that it helps build and maintain a good image of your brand in the potential client’s mind.

●      The Right Images Should Guide Your Customer’s Purchase

Before your client makes a purchase, he or she would have looked through the products available on your e-commerce store. Usually, the key to improving your conversions is to guide a visitor’s eyes through a process- from placing the images to the point where they make a purchase.

●      Products Shown in Context Are More Likely to Boost Conversions

Some e-commerce stores miss out on a lot of potential sales by not showing their products in context. If you sell clothes, why aren’t there any models showing the clothes in context by wearing them? Whatever you’re selling, your store should have models using the products or tools in context.

The trick here is that as you show the products being used in context to your potential clients, you put in their heads, the idea that these products can be used by them as well. As soon as potential buyers see themselves using the product, they are more inclined to do so. 

●      Thinking about Including a Human Face on Your E-commerce Store?

Preferably when you include a happy or satisfied client on your web’s landing page, it makes potential clients curious as to what makes this person so happy! As such, they are motivated to seek happiness through the same means i.e. by purchasing your product!


Yes, the innovative product photography is the way to go, if your overall aim is to improve sales and boost conversion rates.

Since you know this now, how about you put it into practice?