How Artificial intelligence is providing impressive solutions for enterprises.

Artificial intelligence technology is one technology that is changing lives and businesses. As a matter of fact, many enterprises are adopting AI-powered solutions to get their business moving smoothly. While It is no news that Artificial intelligence helps businesses solve problems and improve efficiency, It is also known to provide impressive solutions for enterprises. In this article, we will be looking at how artificial intelligence is providing these solutions.

What is Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a term that was coined in 1956 when scientists began to explore how to solve problems with computers. This field of computer science focuses on the creation of smart machines that can solve problems, think and react like humans. These machines are provided with enough information about the world to help build their knowledge to act intelligently.

Artificial intelligence is used across industries to drive revenue growth and solve problems, seize new opportunities, and deliver a great customer experience.

How artificial intelligence is providing solutions for enterprise.

A lot of enterprises face challenges that most times might be beyond their control. These problems can be prevented or tackled timely by using artificial intelligence. 

Below we will explain how artificial intelligence is providing solutions for enterprises.

#1 It solves customer experience problems.

Customer experience is very important to any business because it can break or make it.  It can be very challenging for a business to run 24/7 customer service and support but artificial intelligence chatbots make it easier by answering customer queries quickly and at any time.  This helps the business to focus on more urgent queries and eliminate customers waiting to be attended to. Thereby improving  customer experience.

#2 It Personalizes contents.

Every customer wants to feel like a particular service was designed specifically for them and that’s why most enterprises use Artificial intelligence to tailor personalized content for their consumers. This enhances the user experience.

#3 It helps to get valuable data insights.

Data is very important to any contemporary business that’s why many businesses use Artificial intelligence to gather and process important data that will help them understand the current pattern of market data. This data enables the company to offer a personalized experience to its consumers.

#4 It helps in predicting user behavior.

It isn’t always easy to know what your customer needs without asking them but artificial intelligence has made it so simple that you offer solutions to your customer’s needs before they ask. The days of door-to-door questioning are behind us. AI  is the future.

AI predictive solutions unearth social media and internet data that can offer information with high probability to a customer.  These predictive algorithms help businesses to prioritize a customer over another and offer a personalized experience by offering highly relevant services or products.

#5 It helps to fight fraud and maximising company funds.

Cyber fraud is giving many enterprises sleepless nights and there is nothing better than tackling it before it happens. This is possible with the use of artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence can scrutinize user behavior to verify if an action is fraudulent or not. It learns what plan(s) the fraudster(s) will use and prevents it.  

Artificial intelligence solutions have helped and are still helping enterprises run smoothly. The beauty of artificial intelligence is that businesses don’t have to build theirs from scratch as they can make use of AI-as-a-service and outsource customization and execution to external software development providers. Even when this is outsourced, many enterprises find it challenging to manage the software. And that’s where Clearfind comes in.

Clearfind helps businesses analyze the software ecosystem and discover which products they should remove, keep, assess and integrate. It helps businesses that are trying to buy AI software by giving them clarity. They look through your business and tell you the best fit software to tackle any challenge.

According to research carried out by Gartner Inc., it was recorded that worldwide IT spending is expected to reach $3.9 trillion in 2021. No wonder James Anderson — the research vice president at Gartner said “ With Covid, everyone is seeing digital acceleration, but very few organizations are tracking what they’re getting in terms of business outcomes”. 

Meanwhile, it’s pretty clear that when tech issues like software mismanagements and so on arise within enterprise, it results in spending lots of cash to keep business operations running smoothly. However, AI-companies like Clearfind, which is an unbiased artificial intelligence platform, are created to give data-driven insight. Aside from the fact that they offer users the information they need to purchase a new or expand their existing software and manage it successfully, businesses can save as much as 35% in cost and still retain the 100% feature functionality that saves your employee the stress and time of manually checking for faults in their software.