Top Tech Tools Businesses Should Have in 2021

The COVID-19 crisis is easily among the most disruptive pandemics in recent memory with wide-ranging impacts that affect all sectors of society. Businesses, for example, are among the highly affected industries with massive job losses and closures of establishments, both temporarily and permanently. These devastating effects forced many business owners to find ways to survive and continue operations amid the constant threat of the deadly virus.

One of the ways that they did to maintain a sense of normalcy in their daily operations is to use technology in the various facets of their business. Specifically, they incorporated tech tools that allowed them to operate safely and efficiently relative to the threat of COVID-19.

If you’re wondering what these specific tech tools are that you can use for your business, here are the top ones you should have this year:

Mobile communication apps

Mobile apps that let people communicate such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet figured prominently at the start of the pandemic and until today. These communication apps allowed businesses to connect with their clients virtually, which eliminates the possibility of COVID-19 transmission.

For example, a licensed mortgage broker who needs supporting documents from a borrower can initiate a Zoom meeting to discuss them. The broker can also use the same tools to update the borrower about the status of the mortgage application and other relevant matters.

These tech tools ensure real-time communication and collaboration without the risks associated with face-to-face interactions. You should, therefore, download and use them in your daily business to keep things going.

AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two of the most revolutionary tech tools that proved handy for businesses during the pandemic.

Online sellers, for one, used virtual reality to give potential clients a virtual experience of their products. Real estate agents, on the other hand, used the same technology to hold virtual tours of their listings so prospective buyers can see the entire property without the risk of traveling to the location.

You, too, can benefit from these tech innovations by using them to promote your products or services to potential customers. You only need to find someone knowledgeable in these technologies and use them to market your business through digital means.

Social media management apps

It’s not enough that you set up your brand’s social media accounts to connect with clients both current and potential. You should also have the right tools to manage them and make the best of what social media has to offer in terms of marketing power. Hence, you must use social media management apps such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and Tailwind.

These tools will let you create posts and schedule them for posting on all your social media accounts. They can also help you create content that will drive traffic to your social media accounts or elicit meaningful interactions among your community members or followers. You’ll also have a single platform from where you can monitor comments and engage in discussions with your audiences and customers.

In short, social media management tools will make your life easier and will help harness the power of social media to the fullest. These things will, ultimately, let your business become visible online and generate both awareness and profits without you spending a fortune.

Multimedia content creation apps/tools

These days, many social media and web users prefer digital content messages that are easy to grasp in one sitting. A lot of highly effective marketing collaterals are photos and infographics that deliver plenty of information about a brand’s products or services.

With these things in mind, you need to download, install, and use multimedia content creation apps or tools such as PicMonkey, Canva, and Adobe Spark. These tools will make the production of graphics, video, and other marketing materials easy, so you can run campaigns as quickly as you can conceive them.

Many of these content creation tools are free with basic functionalities, but you can spend a few dollars and upgrade to paid plans that come with advanced features for more professional outputs.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just stuff of science-fiction, but of real-life situations as well. Chatbots, for instance, use AI technology to answer human queries as a real human does.

These chatbots are extremely helpful to businesses since they offer ready-made answers to frequently asked questions. A lot of businesses use chatbots as a way of ensuring a great customer experience, especially during the pandemic.

Surely, technology has plenty of uses in the business realm and you should use it to its full advantage to propel your business to success.