Digital Marketing

How Image Moderation Can Help Your Brand

Using user-generated content is an effective way to measure audience engagement. User-generated content is any kind of material like images, text, audio, and videos that have been posted by users online in places like social media platforms, blogs, and video channels.

A lot of UGC is like a modern version of word-of-mouth advertising. When potential customers trust the user posting the content, it’s a trusted way to examine brands and review the services they have available.

In a brand’s online community, there are many kinds of moderation for each type of user-generated content, from images to videos. Images leave a substantial impact on people because they can demonstrate how specific products and services work.

Images tend to have an emotional impact on people, which explains why they are such a useful brand advertising tool.

There are also downsides to user-generated content. If a user posts explicit or unwholesome images, a business’ online branding can be damaged. For example, a brand’s logo may get edited in a negative way that causes problems for the brand’s image.

Companies need to be careful and vigilant when reviewing content posted to their social media channels and online communities because they bear a significant responsibility to their audience.

Some people share highly graphic images depicting disturbing themes to a company’s social media page. These kinds of images can cause problems and result in a negative reputation for the brand. Companies should start to recognize these issues as probable risks and begin to moderate images and protect the brand.

Image Moderation Can Protect a Business’ Branding and Online Reputation
Brands can employ photo moderation to prevent internet users from causing harm to their reputation. Proper moderating ensures the safety of their online community.

Reviewing and moderating images online is about removing explicit and offensive photos to keep this kind of content from being included in a brand’s social media platform and community feeds. Pictures of all varieties and sizes can be moderated concerning the specific brand niche.

Moderation guidelines can also be customized based on company objectives. Factors to consider with NSFW image moderation detection include format, context, and originality.

There are a few different ways to moderate images, including manual moderation and automated moderation. This type of moderation involves human input to review images and removing undesirable content, while automatic moderation uses software programs to examine and check pictures.

Image Moderation is a Must for Business
Using an image moderation service with manual or automated input can ensure that submitted images by users or people associated with the brand remain high quality, suitable, and highly relevant to the goals of the business.

User-generated content can gauge the attention of an audience quickly, and there should be a system of active moderation to protect the brand and its target audience.

Moderating will increase market share and drive more traffic and leads to the company’s website and create more positive engagement with the brand’s social media channels.