How to add/integrate WhatsApp to WordPress Website

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application for mobile phones that rely on the web for broadcasting the messages from one person to others. In recent day statistics, it is known that Whatsapp has more than 1.2 billion active users monthly and it stands as the most famous and favorite social media platforms globally. 58% of users regularly use Whatsapp as a common medium to transfer messages in terms of photos, text, audio, and any file formats.
With the updation in the technology, Whatsapp has got the craze over the present day trends and updates. For making business in terms of the website through Whatsapp, there are some methods and procedures to follow.
Whatsapp WordPress integration is one method which enables adding Whatsapp to the website using WordPress. Recently, Whatsapp Desktop version has also been introduced. Using this, many businesses made their social sharing of information more flexible and easy.

To introduce Whatsapp button into the website, there are many alternatives. Whatsapp is not only meant for phones, but it is also made official to be used by the desktops. Here in this article, the ways to integrate Whatsapp on to the WordPress website are described clearly.
Beyond the tough social sharing, using Whats app to render support to the audience through a conversation is so convenient and productive. By letting the visitor click on Whats app sharing button, the information can be transferred and indirect leads and traffic can be achieved.
It is one of the best solutions for the business to share the content and information. This is a great solution for business-oriented websites that allow conversation even if the user leaves the site.

To implement a basic Whatsapp button into WordPress, a dedicated Whats app button or a floating share bar can be used.

Below are the steps involved in using a floating share bar to integrate Whats app to WordPress is described:

For adding Whats app to the basic mobile version of a website, there are many plugins available on WordPress. Among them, free KN Mobile ShareBar plugin is one such interesting plugin that is allowed to add Whatsapp share button directly on to the website. The advantage of installing this plugin is that it additionally adds Twitter and Facebook buttons also.
This plugin doesn’t need any code, directly installation is its unique feature.
On adding the plugin, Whatsapp button is made live on the website. When the visitors tap on Whatsapp button it redirects to share the content or post through Whats app API with a complete pre-filled message.

Steps involved in setting Whatsapp API:
Pre-filled messages can be customized using the settings directly.
Click on Settings then select KN Mobile Sharebar and modify the content in the Textbox shown below.
Shortcodes can be included for inserting the dynamic content for the post related headings and URLs.
That’s all!! Remember that Whatsapp share button will be visible in both mobile and desktop versions. In case, if the Whatsapp is integrated with the mobile version, try checking its potential compatibility of the website.

2. Adding a Dedicated WhatsApp Button to Mobile

For a dedicated Whatsapp button on to the website, it is suggested to use the Share post on Whatsapp plugin which is available free on WordPress.
When this is added, the previous plugin information and functionality will be exhausted.

Simple steps involved in installing a dedicated plugin are:
1. Install and activate the plugin first.
2. Go to settings, click and enable Share Post on Whatsapp for viewing WhatsApp share button on the website.
While in the case of mobile users, when the Whatsapp button is clicked on the website, the user is asked or redirected to open the Whatsapp application.
The consequence of using this plugin is that it supports both desktop and mobile version but it is applicable and works only on the mobile devices.
Instead, to fix this issue, the user can use media queries and CSS.
In past years, there is another plugin to add Whats app to the website, i.e, Whats app Share Button which is from Alex Moss. It is also similar to the above plugins but doesn’t work flexibly at all the time. So, it is not recommended so far.
If any of the above plugins don’t work, it is better to create a custom button using Whatsapp API. This button can be used generally to send the traffic to the website. It is a way of building links to the website which is a method of Off Page SEO. This indirectly requires sending of links many times and implementing it takes much time and would be sometimes faulty.


All the above plugins mentioned are free and can be used in any version of WordPress with a flexibility to change it whenever needed. All the plugins and codes that are mentioned above can be used to increase traffic to the website.
Even beginners can easily use these plugins easily without any extra installations and editing. For those startups and business who are new to the online marketing can choose these type of plugins while installing and designing a website.