Tiny a Rich-Text Editing Platform Raises $4M For File Management Service

Tiny is a flexible and powerful text editor which is made easy for people of different levels of experience to build rich content. It is perfect for those who choose easy installations and upgrade processes. It is one of the best places for learning and upgrading the skills which is used as an instance and runs in a few minutes.

Their quick start in 3 simple steps makes users interact quickly and adopt its features simultaneously. All their products would be easy and user-friendly. This text editor is likely to be used in Zendesk, WordPress, Atlassian, Marketo, and many more. It is a combination of Moxiecode which is a team of 2 people namely TinyMCE editor, Ephox who stood behind it for its growth. Ephox is a big company but TinyMCE had a wide user base. So the common focus of Tiny is completely on it.

Recent Funding

Tiny is so thankful for $4 million funding raised by the famous company BlueRun Ventures. The CEO of Tiny Andrew Roberts thanked their personal connections who made the round successful. This eventually made Ephox and Moxiecode profitable that pushes towards the success.
Roberts stated that this change in the merger would be a sign of fulfilling companies goals. In that process, Tiny offers open-source editor that is usually based on the number of users meant for developers who look forward for having all the backend infrastructure and self-hosting. All this is charged according to the servers they run.

Tiny is Famous for

With many advanced features and updates in TinyMCE 5 editor, developers can make their website more trendy and bring out modern look to it. With compatible and plenty of customizable plugins the editor can add content and features that are suitable for developing the web design. For doing so, there is a new emoticon plugin available.

Its recent editor, Gutenberg is known for its excellence in modernizing the efforts in WordPress. This is more on page building, while Roberts mentioned that the editor is truly based on their TinyMCE library. He also stated that the static version of the Gutenberg editor is a subset of the Tiny editor. They maintained a symbiotic relationship with the WordPress so as to make the website designing simple and quick using different editors.
Roberts clearly says that the editor is commercial and is meant for its popularity developed for WordPress ecosystem that brings core businesses with a mix of software vendors and agencies to evolve solutions for their potential clients.

Best Features of Tiny

1. El Roboto logo, Thomson Reuters logo, Action Factory logo stated that integrating with Tiny is simple and quick. It is famous for its plug-and-play option and their impeccable team that provide brilliant support.
2. Tiny Drive is available with an excellent management system and a minimum storage of 100MB. The website is responsible for providing core plugins, premium plugins, technology plugins for different types of users.

3. They have more than 50,000 developers who receive updates and tips from the team of TinyMCE.
4. Since it is a rich text editor, it is not totally meant for developers, its guide provides everything needed to the user which runs in 5 minutes. Developers with high-knowledge can stand anything with their documentation provided.
5. There are more than 50 plugins available for the developers extending to have some single line codes. They can customize accordingly into an incredible set of code that configures nearly 100 options and simple modifications.

Highlights of Tiny

Over 16 Million downloads were made from the website. More than 100Million websites are powered by Tiny. On the daily basis, they get15M visits on the content delivery network. By the community of GitHub, they attained 7K commits. Their overall contributors reach a round figure of 170.


It is known, Tiny is the text editor that provides an interface for its developers to create and design wonderful websites that gain numerous growth to the business. Due to its enormous rise in funds their essence on the internet is growing more and more.