How to become an effective Project Manager?

An organisation earns its profits and attains recognition by successfully completing its numerous projects. Hence, they have to be particular about assigning this job to an efficient person who can carry out their duties diligently. 

Project manager has to handle numerous responsibilities and must be truly competent to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. They have to initiate the process, plan it ahead, design its course and then execute it with utmost care. The final execution part also has many stages and involves monitoring the project and seeing it to completion. 

The role of a project manager is important in various industries ranging from architecture, construction, healthcare to manufacturing. To take up this job position, you must have specific skill sets such communication skills, analytical thinking, management skills and also the ability to penetrate deeper into concerns and troubleshoot problems. Being able to detect risk during a project and contain its impact is also among the core job duty of a project manager 

While a masters in project management can certainly be useful in getting all the useful theoretical and practical knowledge for the job, you have to continuously build on your competencies to be an efficient project manager. Here are few tips on how you can do that: 

  • Being an effective listener– While there is immense focus on being able to articulate your thoughts with clarity, many neglect hearing others with complete patience. Interpersonal relationship is a two way road and hence you have to be a keen listener to understand what your client, customers, team members or superiors are saying. You can only meet their expectations once you have gain complete understanding of their requirements. 
  • Make sound decisions– A project manager has to make many decisions that concern the project and those associated with it. Being able to make strong decisions during stressful time is not easy and will require a lot of efforts in terms of thinking, strategizing and executing an order. Ensure that everyone is on the same page and back your decisions with sound reasoning. It is a useful skill that will be required every step of the way on the job. 
  • Empathy– Another essential trait that a leader must possess is empathy. You are leading a team and are the point of contact for many, hence your team members will bring you their grievances. You have to be approachable and empathetic to their concerns which will help you gain their trust and bridge the gap that employees feel with management. This way you can take care of roadblocks on the way with much more ease. 
  • Ensure collaboration– While working on a project, your team is everything and it’s your job to ensure that they work as a collaborative unit. You have to nurture and guide them and promote the spirit of ‘teamwork’. This will keep things like miscommunication or internal conflicts at bay which in turn will impact the overall project positively. 

The work of a project manager is vast and involves many essential tasks to be carried out at different levels. While essaying this role, you will encounter various challenges which can be easily overcome with the right set of attribute. Though, you have to be willing to learn and grow to be truly successful.