How to link WhatsApp Photos to DropBox

WhatsApp has become one of the best messaging application for mobile devices and while Dropbox is a cloud-based storage solution used by many people to make their data automatically sync with the connected devices.
Since WhatsApp is a commonly used application to share the majority of photos and files. Besides that, many users of WhatsApp doesn’t have storage on their device. Eventually, they look out for alternatives for storing and saving important files.
There comes a solution where the data can be saved which reduces the risk of deleting the media. Dropbox helps in doing that easily.
Due to Dropbox cloud-storage capacity, it is available to store and save the data of any user quickly. No matter what the device is, only that it should have a running internet connection and the Dropbox App.
WhatsApp usually stores files to the internal phone memory or SD card. If in particular case, the storage space in SD card and internal memory is finished, try Dropbox sharing. Below are the steps involved in linking and saving files of WhatsApp to the Dropbox account for any Android and iOS devices.

For Android

1. Open Dropbox, create an account. Remember the login details of Dropbox account so as to browse it in any desktop, tablet, mobile conveniently.
2. Launch DropboxSync application and allow it to access the main Dropbox account.

3. Create a local path for the storage. Like-
/storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images. If necessary create a folder.
4. Now open settings and change the Autosync time to 5 minutes, because usually it is set to 1 hour. That’s all!!
When a file is received in WhatsApp, automatically it is saved and synced to Dropbox cloud. The image can also be
seen in the desktop.

For iPhone

Open the Dropbox app in the mobile and open settings option.
2. Select backup settings that enable sync from the camera roll.

3. Automatically the files and images that are received in WhatsApp are saved to the Dropbox directly.
It is that everything that is received from WhatsApp and other applications were saved and automatically shown in any Dropbox application.
Note: It is suggested to create a folder and accordingly manage the files to sync.
Backup is the best option that enables a copy of security for the files that are stored in the internal storage.


All the above steps vary depending upon the upgrading industry and the latest evolutions. After the Sync, all that shared files can be deleted from the WhatsApp, so as to reduce the storage space.
Eventually, if the Dropbox application is opened in desktop or computer. All the files that are synced and backed up from the mobile are also seen on the desktop and can be downloaded to the desktop.