How To Organize An Award Show

We hear award shows, and we think about lights, glam, food, and of course, the awards. All industries around the world arrange different award ceremonies on more significant or small levels. It is a way to honor the people and give them the recognition they deserve.

In particular, the entertainment industry has all of these flashy and glamorous award ceremonies, and the whole world loves them. When you look at these grand events, you often wonder how these shows are managed and understand the process behind them. Here, let us help you learn how to organize and plan an award show.

Make A Brief Of The Event  

For a brief, you need to decide on a theme, find a purpose, and make a budget for the event. The theme should be unforgettable and exciting, something that would naturally attract the media and people alike. Keep the weather in mind and plan an outdoor or indoor event accordingly. The next step is to select a venue suitable for the event. It should be relevant to the event’s theme and have enough space to accommodate the estimated audience. Do you intend to serve food? If yes, make a menu.

Now to the purpose, this award show could be for PR purposes, fundraising, a corporate award show, or merely a gala. You should make a list of all the guests and the people who will attend the event. You should also make a list of all the sponsors, organizers, management, nominees, winners, and runner-ups. Enlist the award categories you are going to present at this event. 

Get The Best Awards Made For The Event                        

In most award ceremonies, awards are bought at the last minute, and they often end up being of cheap quality. Awards are the highlight of the event, and the subpar quality can put all your efforts to shame in an instant.

Therefore, preplan and choose a place wisely to procure the awards for your show. It would be best if you found professional award specialists. A good option is Martin awards since they have been making the highest quality trophies and plaques since 1993. They have many styles to choose from, and they offer fantastic discounts on personalized products. Ordering through their website is relatively easy, and they offer the best customer service.

Create A Floor And Stage Plan

If you want to make any award show a success, you have to make an impeccable floor and stage plan. You can consult previously made floor and stage plans for inspiration. The floor plan’s key features include the exit and entry points, the placement of the winners, the RSVPs, the table layout, and the seating plan. Give the best seats to the VIPs and place the winners and RSVPs close to the stage. Design the table layout so that it is easy for the winners to walk up to the stage and receive their awards. The food tables should be separate from the main seating or leave enough room for waiters and people to move freely.

For the stage plan, you need to consider how you want to look for the ceremony. You will also need a proper backstage. Hire stage decorators and people who will manage the work backstage. Design a setting for the stage, the podium’s place,  a spot for presenting awards and performances. Place banners to highlight your sponsors, but keep it subtle.

Equipment For The Event 

You will need all kinds of tech and related equipment for the event. This includes power, cables, lighting, speakers, ropes, stage monitors, video cameras, music players, screens, projectors, mixers, and other equipment. You will also need storage to place all this equipment, so choose a venue with ample storage space.

Be prepared for any tech-related difficulties. You can rent or hire all the stage help you need for the event. You can also use any old equipment you have from any previous events. Buy some new equipment if it is required. Equipment like ropes, chairs, tables, podiums, posters, banners, tents, and mischievous heavy equipment always be stored separately to avoid any damage or fatal accident.

Entertainment For The Event

Award shows that continue for long hours can get very tiring. You will need an engaging host, some enthusiastic speakers, and some energetic performers to keep your guests and the audience entertained. A concert can also act as a fantastic mood booster; hence you should always have a trendy playlist ready.

Performances need to be perfect to keep the morale of the audience high. The best way to make a performance perfect is to rehearse it repeatedly. Rehearsals can improve the performance and make you aware of any potential faults and risks during any particular performance. 


Proper promotion is necessary for any upscale or even a small and private event. Plan ahead of time and devise a good marketing strategy. Depending on the event’s nature and scale, have a  marketing team on board to plan your award show’s promotions. If a website is required, have this developed months before the actual event. Post promotional content on the website and keep it up-to-date with all the event-related news.

Identifying your audience is the next step for a fantastic marketing strategy. You can start with the industry you are targeting, the age, preferred media, and their reasons for attending this show. You should pick the media chosen by your guests so that they can see all the highlights of the event during the promotional phases. Use social media and email services to target the masses. 


Organizing an award show can be outrageously hectic and challenging. You should always plan beforehand and have a checklist for all the things that you will need. Having a set timeline in your mind and on paper can help you organize effectively. The key is to keep your audience in mind when you organize an award show. In the end, the show is all about celebrations and joy, so make sure you don’t dull it down with lackluster ambiance ad entertainment.