The Importance of Labeling in Keeping Up With Today’s Supply Chain

Proper labeling is key if you hope to master supply chain management. A consistent labeling strategy can give you a needed edge in the competitive modern market.

The Evolution Of Food And Beverage Label

At one time, food and beverage labeling was often improvised and inconsistent. Many product makers supplied only limited information on their labels. Misleading labels were all too common then. These days, the government provides food and beverage companies with fairly strict labeling guidelines. Regulators have designed their labeling rules to keep consumers healthy and well-informed. Because many consumers have specialized dietary needs, incomplete or inaccurate labels can be downright dangerous.

Trends In Food and Beverage Labels

These days, a lot of labeling experts are using the term “transformative label.” A transformative label (TL) uses innovative design features to make the product stand out on a shelf. A TL could incorporate an unusual texture or shiny foil accents. Minimalist label design is now fairly common for food and beverages. Eschewing visual clutter, a minimalist design tends to draw the consumer’s eye. Consumers typically appreciate the time-saving qualities of the simple food label. This type of label allows the shopper to gather key information quickly.

Avoiding Expensive Recalls

Arguably, proper labeling plays an important role at every part of the modern supply chain. In some cases, a labeling error can create the need for a product recall. Every year, recalls cost American companies billions of dollars. If you want to avoid suffering through a label-related recall, consider using all-inclusive labeling software.

Facing Unique Modern Challenges

During this pandemic time, companies are facing remarkable new challenges when it comes to logistics and supply chains. Even as demand for certain products has skyrocketed, other products have seen significant demand drops for the first time in years. In this complex business environment, proper labeling is essential for staying competitive. Of course, many food shoppers are more health-focused than ever. Informative labeling can help build trust with the harried public.

Labels And The Modern Supply Chain

Supply chain labeling is crucial for meeting the expectations of the modern consumer. These days, people want to be able to track their cargoes as they move through the physical world. Barcoding can help you meet these new customer expectations head-on. Labeling is especially important if your product crosses international borders on its way to the consumer. You’ll need to label products properly to ensure speedy customs inspections. Be sure you provide all of the warning statements and material safety sheets required by all relevant governments.

A Word On Shipping Labels

Whatever the specific nature of your product, you’ll always need correct shipping labels. Getting your products to the right place on time is foundational for success. Understand the dangers of fragmented labeling. Once a label is designed, various parties may design their own versions of the label.

If you develop your labeling strategy with care, you can significantly reduce labeling errors of all types. A comprehensive strategy can help you optimize processes throughout your supply chain.