How To Print SMS from Android

Ever since its inception, Android operating system is the most used, loved and admired OS by users all over the world. The number itself states the popularity of this operating system. With 2 billion users and growing, it is the unanimous leader in the mobile industry.

The list is endless when it comes to writing down the features of this OS. It has covered almost every feature that users looks for. High-end security features along with compatibility with nearly every third party app, nothing much can be expected.

But one thing that is found missing in this OS is the provision to SMS from Android Phone. There are certain cases where users find themselves stuck in a situation where they have to give a print of their chat conversation as proof of something but are unable to do so. Other situations like broken or lost phones may lead to loss of important chat conversations.


SMS EasyReader&Printer has given the users a huge sigh of relief. Using this user can print SMS text message from Android Phone in just a few clicks. With an option to store all important messages along with high-class security makes this software the unanimous leader. 

Before proceeding ahead and writing some words of appreciation for SMS EasyReader&Printer , a number of third-party software that provides the facility of printing SMS text messages from Android Phone were pushed into our analysis funnel. One way or the other each one has an altogether a different specialty but SMS EasyReader&Printer managed to outrank everyone in our thorough analysis. Almost all the features that a user looks for or maybe looking for is already there in this software app. Ease of operation being the top.

This software is compatible with almost all file formats like XML • MSG • VMSG • VMG • CSV • TXT, hence irrespective of the file type, you can print and get a hard copy in few seconds. The user can read, manage, select, search, generate chats, delete chats, emails. All these facilities in just 9.99$, nothing more can be fascinating than this. Even you can print MMS and animated Gifs also.

As you scroll down you will learn how to print SMS from Android by using the SMS EasyReader&Printer web solution. There are so many features in this software that it is impossible to list down here. Please spare some time on this to extract most of it.

Follow the steps to print SMS from Andriod Phones.

Before proceeding the first step is to download and install SMS EasyExporter for Android. Just go to SMS EasyReader&Printer homepage ( and download it from there. This App in conjunction with SMS EasyReader&Printer web solution helps the user to print messages in few clicks. Go ahead to download the App. Once downloaded, go ahead and install it. Once done with this process, you can proceed with the steps mentioned below.

  1. On the App screen, there will be a setting icon. Click on it. Search for the Export option there. You have multiple options to choose, like Export SMS, Export MMS, or Export all (SMS+MMS). Choose one that best suits your requirement.
  2. Sms_android.vmsg, mms_android.vmsg, and sms_mms_android.vmsg are the three default directories. Choose any one directory to store your files.
  3. Connect your system and phone via a USB cable. Copy the file that you wish to print on your computer in a convenient location.
  4. Enter in any web browser of your choice
  5. Upload the file that you wish to print to SMS EasyReader&Printer.
  6. Click on Print. You will get the required prints in a few seconds.

So you can see how simple it is to get a print of your messages using this software. 100% security of your data is ensured here. As soon you delete this file from your system, it will be removed from the database also. 

Advanced features like ad-free functioning, SMS pagination list, wider screen display (9.9”), 100% accessibility to your chats and support to large size file(20Mb) all in just 9.99$ for a lifetime is worth an investment. These many features are not available with any other web solution and at such a cheap cost. 

All in all SMS EasyReader&Printer SpeedPRO is undoubtedly the unanimous leader in the market.