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How to Provide Better Customer Service in Your Tax Firm

Dealing with other people’s money is tough. When an individual hires a tax firm to help them file, they’re not only expecting to save the most they can on their tax return, but they’re also going to expect help understanding the process. And while filing taxes might be second nature to you, it can be a complicated landscape for most taxpayers to navigate. This makes customer service all the more important. Use these tips to provide your customers with better service—during tax season and throughout the rest of the year.

Invest in the right tools for your business

In order to provide your customers with the best service, you’ve got to be the best in your craft. Whether that’s investing in a 199a calculator to help you determine legal entities for your small business customers, or setting up a CRM system to keep customer information secure—it’s important to find tools that help you do your job better.

Connect with customers

Communication is key in providing great customer service. And while you can’t be chained to your office phone all day, there are ways you can still be available to your customers without making your office your everything. Use a call-forwarding phone system so that you can receive calls on your cell phone. This way, even if you’re out of the office, you won’t miss a sales lead or urgent call from a customer. By establishing an open channel of communication, you can ensure that your customers are getting the customer service they paid for—which pays off for you in the form of reviews and referrals.

But not everyone is likely to pick up the phone and call now that we’re in the digital age. Provide multiple options for your customers to connect with you by using an online chat feature on your website so that your customers and leads can get support using their preferred method.

Stay on-track and organized

Nothing is more frustrating than working with a business that’s unorganized. Make sure you and your staff are on track with your daily tasks, meetings, and progress by using a project management tool to help you keep track of appointments and important information.

Train your staff

Your staff are the ones who keep your business in business. Besides being the ones who implement your services, they’re also your most important sales representatives. As the people who get the most facetime with your customers, it’s important to make sure your staff is well-trained in customer service practices and the ins and outs of your business procedures.

Have a training process in place so that each time you bring a new employee on staff, they’re armed with the information and knowledge they need to provide the best service. Here are some things to include in your training to ensure that your staff is cohesive and ready to serve your customers.

  • Company history
  • Overview of services and process
  • Helpful resources
  • Company flowchart

Invest in education

In addition to having your staff trained up and ready to provide premier service, make sure they’re up-to-date on current industry standards. Use a continuing education platform to encourage them to learn about new changes so that they can provide the highest level of service with the most progressive knowledge in the industry.

Identify areas for improvement

You’ll never know your customers’ true feelings about your company and customer service until you ask. Make it a habit to send out customer satisfaction surveys quarterly so that you can glean insight from real customers about how you can improve your processes and training to provide better service. After you’ve collected your survey results, have a round-up meeting with your team and collaborate on ideas for how you can improve.

Take matters into your own hands

It’s easy to distance yourself from customer service issues when you’re running your own business. You’ve got plenty of things to worry about already, so solving issues between a customer and your staff can often fall to the back burner of your priorities. But if there’s one thing unhappy customers truly appreciate, it’s a call from the big cheese. While this might seem like a small gesture, it shows you value their business and could even turn a bad review into a positive referral. So no matter how busy you are, be sure to make some time for your customers.

In conclusion

Having customer service complaint issues with your tax firm? Use these tips to help you get back on track and grow your business!