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How to Teach Your Kids to Build Their Own Mobile Apps

Programming mobile apps for kids is fun and enjoyable, especially since mobile apps are part of current everyday life. However, building a mobile app from scratch is quite problematic and sounds unrealistic, especially to kids. While nobody is born a programmer, you can raise one. As a parent, you should guide your kid into the world of programming and app development for many reasons. Below is a guide to follow when teaching your kid mobile app development.

What is Mobile App Development?

To teach your kids mobile app development, you should first understand how mobile apps are built. With this, you can progress to the core functions and skills required to master the art of app development. Mobile app development education is incomplete without skills in software engineering, such as coding and testing. However, this is a creative process that kids cannot comprehend. Fortunately, several tools have simplified this process, making it easy for kids to develop apps.

Stages of App Building

Below are simplified stages of mobile app development;

  1. App architecture – this is the first stage, which involves choosing a suitable programming language and platform for app development. This stage doesn’t focus on app design but rather on the main tools to be used.
  2. Visual image – the second stage is developing the visual features of the app. This includes the content, app style, and color. Allow your kids to express visual concepts they have in mind.
  3. Coding – this is the challenging part of app development. Kids can use various coding apps and online courses to learn to code for mobile app development.
  4. Testing – for the brand new mobile app to operate properly and bug-free, testing is important. Even though the app could be for kids, it should be reviewed by test engineers and specialists. This will ensure that the mobile app doesn’t malfunction.
  5. Launching – releasing your mobile app to others is the final step. Once testing has been done and proved successful, your mobile app is ready to be launched.

Guiding Kids to Build Apps

Having understood the various stages of app development, use the following tips to get your kid started on mobile app development.

  • Teach Them Some Coding Languages

Learning one or several common coding languages for kids is the first and most important thing for aspiring mobile app developers. Adult learners should consider Python, C++, and JavaScript. However, kids don’t need to learn a lot of coding to develop kid-friendly mobile apps. Therefore, you can choose various digital coding games that teach your kid the basics of programming.

Common coding games for kids to learn coding include CodinGame, Codewars, and CodeMonkey, among others. These games offer an effective learning approach, such as the use of puzzles, which enable kids to learn the basics. They are also fun and entertaining, increasing your kids’ interest in programming.

  • Focus on Developing Visual Memory

Kids should have a good visual memory to develop applications. Therefore, for your kid to succeed in mobile app development, you should enhance their memorization skills. While everyone is talented and bright at birth, providing a good foundation is important, as it helps kids develop an interest in this field. Therefore, find ways to improve your kid’s cognitive skills, including using the available artificial intelligence tools.

  • Demonstrate How to Fix Problems

Developing mobile apps is basically defining and fixing problems. Technical errors are part of the journey, and problem-solving skills are very important for any aspiring app developer. Therefore, defining and finding solutions to a problem should be your kid’s next skill. Kids are overly vulnerable to failure and can easily give up after a challenge.

Therefore, your focus should be shaping their mindset and reassuring them that making mistakes and errors is part of the learning process. Improve their confidence and educate them that they shouldn’t be fearful.

  • Improve their Social Skills

Another thing that can introduce your kids to the basics of programming is adapting to real-world situations. Just like problem-solving skills mentioned above, social skills help kids find a place in the real world. This is essential in nurturing the kids’ personalities. Teach them how to handle situations differently and how they can think outside the box. These are the basics of solving programming challenges.

  • Enroll Your Kid to a Coding School

Online applications and coding games are undoubtedly a fast and engaging way to teach your kid programming. However, they aren’t as effective as enrolling your kid in a specialized coding school. Coding schools, such as The Coder School, have experienced and professional teachers who teach and interact with kids professionally.


Learning to code for kids should be a passionate, fun, and interesting activity. Therefore, you should ensure that you change your kid’s perception of mobile app development from a young age. The tips mentioned above can help your kid master app development at a young age.