Importance of Having a Designated Hot Desks Workspace

The access to a proper workspace is every individual’s requirement and a way of ensuring the best quality of their work. Almost every freelancer soon realizes the importance of having a designated space where they can work in peace without being disturbed by their surroundings. Many individuals seek the help of noise-canceling headphones to achieve this effect while others like to visit coffee shops or cafes where they can work undisturbed. However, the best solution for this has been provided by various companies in the form of co-working spaces. One of the best co-working spaces built with numerous benefits is a space provided by The Tara Building, known as hot desks. It is specifically made for individuals who have unique needs and require an area that offers flexible working hours. 

Benefits Offered by Hot Desks:

Some of the main benefits of the hot desk space include 24/7 availability of the working space equipped with a high-speed broadband WiFi system as well as an area to conduct one to one meetings. They also provide their members with the facility to print, photocopy, and scan their documents if required and manage their client’s incoming packages and posts.

If it is a meeting you want to hold at the hot desks space, they have meeting rooms available that are furnished with large screens, Chromecast and have HDMI connections available for your ease of use. However, if it is a private phone or skype call, you are going to conduct a hot desk that offers personal phone booths that make it easier for you to attend the call. However, if you find yourself needing help with anything at all, the receptionist and community manager are on duty every Monday to Friday from 9 o’clock in the morning till 5 o’clock in the evening. 

The facility is also equipped with a fully functioning kitchen and offers an assortment of free beverages to its members, including coffee, tea, filtered water as well as beer. If you are an individual who prefers to use your bike as your mode of transport, you need not worry about its safety when working at hot desks as they facilitate their members with a locked and secure area to store their bikes as well as provide them with lockers to safely store personal items. The hot desk also facilitates its clients with hot showers. And if it is the hygiene of the space you are concerned about, a visit to the facility will ensure to remove all doubts as it is cleaned and maintained daily. 

Main Requirements of an Individual to Work Effectively

It is crucial to understand that even though everyone is different and has various likes and dislikes, many individuals have similar requirements when it comes to their workspace. A calm, undisturbed location is essential for all when the task at hand is getting work done effectively and efficiently. Having a distracting environment can hurt the quality of one’s work and, in turn, affect their relationship with their employer. Some of the main requirements of a workspace can include: 

  • A Controllable Space: while some individuals have a habit of listening to music while they work, others require pin-drop silence to concentrate, and even the slightest noise can distract them. Having a place to work where one can control their environment has a significant effect on their productivity. 
  • Proper Lighting: Lighting is an essential factor in a productive workspace. As today’s world is shifting to digital devices, more and more, laptops and tablets are becoming standard work devices. One may think lighting is not essential when electronic devices are in question; however, that is not true. Working on a laptop or tablet while sitting in an outdoor café can be painstaking while working in a room with extremely low light can also have a negative effect on an individual’s eyes. Adequate Lighting is crucial for avoiding headaches due to eye strain when working long hours. It is also important to consider different individuals working in various fields will not have similar light requirements. 
  • A Work Area Which is Properly Organized: while there are a few individuals who can make sense of a cluttered and messy workstation and can work in those conditions, most people find it more productive if their workstation is neat and clean and well organized. Having your workstation organized also has the benefit of your tools being readily available when required instead of rummaging through a mess to find a pencil. However, having an organized workspace not only refers to the table or room an individual might be working in. It can also mean the softcopies of their files and folders stored on their laptop or tablet. 
  • A Comfortable Chair and Table: working on laptops and desktops can have a toll on an individual’s back and neck if they do not have a proper seating arrangement or a suitable desk. Having a comfortable chair that supports your back and neck and enables a person to work long hours without getting fatigued or suffering from pains caused by bad posture. 
  • Inspirational Pieces: every individual needs a boost of energy or inspiration when it comes to the work they are doing. Whether it is a freelance writer or a website designer, anyone can become a victim of boredom or a creative block. In times like these, having an inspiring quote, a picture of a loved one, or even a comic strip from a newspaper might change the mood and bring some form of inspiration and motivate the individual to complete the task at hand. 

With all the points mentioned above, it is simple to see the significance of a designated workspace. However, since not everyone has a spare room in their house, which they can convert into a home office or a budget to buy a separate apartment for the purpose, shared working spaces or co-working spaces are the best solutions in these cases. These spaces also help the individual distinguish between work and home life as the space you are working in can profoundly affect the mood you are in. Having a designated workspace can put the individual into a working attitude and make it easier for them to get their tasks done.