Improve Employee Onboarding With Slack

Employee onboarding is more than just a duty that your HR department wants to be finished with as soon as possible. The company’s policy on onboarding should revolve around bringing the best available talent and accommodating recruits so that they feel at home as quickly as possible. 

A lot depends on the company, but a simple handshake from an employer or a cheesy welcoming video just does not cut it anymore. Lack of a proper onboarding process is a sign that a workplace is not up to date with how the modern business world is like. 

Lousiness reflects poorly and can be one of the main factors that prevent potential employees from joining the company. But onboarding is not just about individual recruits: the whole company benefits when you maximize productivity, performance, and profits.

Adapting modern tools helps businesses carry out efficient onboarding and offboarding processes, and Slack is a good example of such tools. Here are some excellent tips to take advantage of Slack’s features.

Tip #1 – Send Reminders

New employees can become lost because there is too much information to process on the first day. The sense of being overwhelmed may lead to low confidence levels.

Schedule automated messages so that they arrive on time and inform recruits what their next task is. Knowing where the information arrives will eliminate potential errors that can lead to missed deadlines or other misunderstandings. 

Slack is a universal platform that connects everyone in the company. It means that new hires do not have to waste time chasing other people in the company they need something from. Sending them a message on Slack and waiting for a response is a more efficient option. 

Tip #2 – Enable Self-Service

Not everyone likes to become a burden as soon as they join a new workplace. Slack is a great tool to enable self-service. HR teams should create relevant channels where they pin the most important information. Visible and accessible information will also reduce the workload for human resources because they will have fewer questions to respond to.

New employees can use the search function and find the information directly on Slack, provided that such information is available. Slack also has integration for applications like Dropbox – a service where you can store and share files with colleagues. There are instances when files are too big to send directly via Slack. 

Tip #3 – Point Them in the Right Direction

New employees might not react positively if a stack of papers on their desk is the first thing they see when they start. A similar thing can be said about an email inbox that is bombarded with forwarded messages. 

Instead of taking outdated approaches of integrating recruits, why not use Slack? If you want to bring a new person on a project and tell them what is happening, send an invite and let them join a relevant Slack channel.

Pinned information, other project members, and previous conversations are available on the project’s channel. A new member does not have to waste time reading through hundreds of emails or pieces of paper on their desk. If something is unclear, they can directly ask a question on the Slack channel and receive an answer. 

Tip #4 – Create Channels for New Employees

Channels for new employees do not have to be related to just work documents. If you hire on a large scale, do not hesitate, and create channels that encourage recruits to meet other newcomers and build relationships. Old employees can join in as well.

For example, if someone has just moved in and is not familiar with the area, they might ask for recommendations of where they could eat lunch. This creates a perfect opportunity to connect with fellow employees and go out for lunch together.

You can also organize a poll and ask others to express their views by reacting with relevant emojis. While not seeming like much, these little things are great for boosting morale and building teamwork

Tip #5 – Welcome Them Warmly

Give new hires a warm welcome on the first day. A quick tour around the building does not guarantee that recruits get to meet everyone. But as soon as they join Slack, they can receive welcoming messages from other employees who might even ask them out for a cup of coffee and spend some time getting to know each other.

Welcoming recruits aboard is not just about etiquette or obligations. It is also about that first crucial step to make new employees feel like they have come to the right place and will be able to get along with everyone. A sense of belonging is a great motivator for productivity and integration at the workplace.


Treat onboarding as a means for new hires to hit the ground running on day one. Recruits are more likely to adopt the company’s policies and get on board with colleagues faster if they are pointed in the right direction and have the tools that simplify the adaptation period. And Slack is just the right tool for this kind of job.