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Mailfence Review – Secure & Private Email Service

Over the past decade, technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. Online is both a good and bad place. You can search for all the information you want but at the same time, you must be aware that people are trying to steal your information. So security and privacy hold an important place online. The Internet has become part of everyone’s life, it is quite impossible to separate it now, so all you can do is take appropriate measures to stay secure.

Do you send and receive emails? Wrong question. 

How many emails do you send or receive in a day? Many, right.

If you’re a business owner you understand the importance of emails, because most of the communication with your clients or employees/ co-workers takes place through emails. From important information or documents to digital signatures you save a lot of sensitive information in an email. So your email must be secure and private to protect all your data. Wondering whether your email is secure or not? Switch to Mailfence and protect your sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. 

What is Mailfence?

As Mailfence believes, privacy is not a feature, it is a right. They believe in online privacy and this is the founding principle of Mailfence. The 2013 mass surveillance revelations by Edward Snowden have prompted them in starting a secure email and collaboration service that respects the privacy of the email users. Their email service is end-to-end encrypted and it is an email firewall that protects you from data or identity theft. The best part is that apart from the email firewall it also offers you a complete email suite, along with documents, calendar & other tools. Simply put, you can send secure emails with Mailfence.

You must be wondering why Mailfence when there are many secure email providers out there? Wait till the end of the review to find out the answer to this question.

Why Mailfence?

Secure & Private

First things first, it offers you security and privacy. It protects your information from any third party attacks. Mailfence should be your first choice because it has True Open PGP end-to-end encryption. The cryptography is done by the browser, third parties can’t access your data. You can be assured as your sensitive data (information) is protected by the Belgian law.     


You have the freedom to choose which emails you want to encrypt. It also allows you to communicate with anyone you want securely using the export/import keys, OpenPGP standard.


Mailfence is easy to use, it is browser-based. There are no add ons or plug-ins. It is easy to use, you can easily manage and create your keys in one single place. 

Features of Mailfence


Mailfence uses an End-to-End encryption method to secure the data from falling into wrong hands. With this encryption, the sender’s message can only be decrypted by the receiver. Apart from receivers, nobody else can read it, so there are fewer chances of any attackers tampering with the message. So you can be assured that all your messages are protected with high-level encryption. Along with OpenPGP it also has password encryption. 

With the password encryption, the sender and receiver will agree on a password to encrypt the message. You can send these encrypted emails to anybody (who has zero knowledge on how to use the PGP encryption keys). On Mailfence servers the receiver will receive the link to decrypt this message. As the encryption happens in the browser, no one including Mailfence can read emails. 

It also offers two-factor authentication to secure an account when the password is compromised. This additional layer of security will make sure that your information is safe.


The Keystore is a place provided by Mailfence, it is part of your account. This place is dedicated to the management and generation of OpenPGP keys. Also, the best part is that it is completely independent of any third-party plug-ins or add-ons, you don’t have to worry about installing anything. It allows you to import your existing key pair or create a new pair. They give you complete freedom to create, manage, publish, or import OpenPGP keys easily. 

Email suite 

Mailfence offers an email suite. The suite of tools includes calendars, messages, groups, and documents. It supports web, mobile accesses, POPS, SMTPS, and IMAPS. So no more eavesdropping or tampering of the communication between their servers and your device. Also, it provides you with access to third-party mailboxes, own domain names, etc. With Calendars, you can put your private appointments in a user-friendly calendar, which is secure to share and comes handy when you need to remember the appointments. Mailfences allows you to import all your contacts and create separate groups of concerned parties and share data securely. Documents allow you to store your documents securely. You can edit them and share them in just one click.

Security and Privacy 

You can be assured that with Mailfence your emails are in safe hands. This platform is free from ads. Yup, you heard it right. They don’t track your activity within the application or use any sort of third party marketing or advertising trackers. You can be assured that they will not share your information with any third party for any purpose. It keeps you safe and secure from government surveillance too. In their certification chain, they didn’t include the US certification. No one, not even Mailfence can read your encrypted emails except for the recipient. Although they store your private key pairs on the system they can’t read them since they’re encrypted. 

Is Mailfence secure?

If reading about their extraordinary features has not yet convinced you then this is for you. The government can collect the data from the internet without any court order, search warrant, or Subpoena. However, with Mailfence it is not possible. Your data is safe from government intervention. Mailfence is located in Belgium and their servers are also hosted there. They have strict laws that protect privacy in place. A valid (Belgium) court order can only force the Malifence to release the data. So they are not liable to anyone else domestic or foreign authorities to release their data. Your data is safe from any third party or government-based agency. 


Mailfence is offering four plans and each of these plans is coming with different features. So choose a plan that matches your requirements. You can first choose the free plan and if you like it then you can upgrade it to any of your desired plans. Consider all factors of each plan before you make the decision. 


Entry- 2,50 €/month

Pro- 7,50 €/month

Ultra- 25,00 €/month

If you’re looking for secure and private email for business. Then Mailfence is perfect for you. It provides your business with all the necessary tools it needs to collaborate and communicate securely. You will get the customized version of the Mailfence email solution to adapt to the specific needs of your organization. Customization includes API and control panel to upgrade, create and manage the accounts, features, and storage based on your business needs, email domain names, etc. If you want to know more details about it you can contact them directly. 

Wrapping up 

Mailfence is perfect for you if you’re looking for a secure and private email. They take your privacy and security seriously. So you can be assured that your emails or communications will never fall into wrong hands. They use open-source software and operating systems that take security seriously. Their servers are located in Belgium and they have complete control over them. Your encrypted messages are safely delivered to concerned parties and no one can tamper with them. Rest assured you can focus on other aspects of your business or life as Mailfence will handle the security of your emails. Choose secure and private email services and send messages without any worries.