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The Most Interesting YouTube Facts You Should Know

When someone asks you if you have watched a certain video, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Where did you get to see it? How do you find it?  Yes, of course, it’s YouTube. For the past decade, this online video uploading website has transcended swiftly from an unsung site to becoming the second most popular site in the world. 

Although the media we used to have before YouTube was invented was not inadequate, the positioning of the site in this tech-hungry, modern, digital era, was just in time. We may have used it on a massive scale, probably daily, but how much do we know about it? To know more, we will discuss some YouTube facts, but let us begin with a little history. 

A Little Throwback

YouTube started way back in February 2005, when three Paypal employees, namely, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen, worked together and came up with an unexpected level of success. It was officially set on the 14th of February, with uploading video options unified on April 23, 2005, where it used to be called “Tune In, Hook Up.”

The initial concept was supposed to be a dating site. Although it failed, it had remarkable uploading and video platform. During one of the most talked-about 2004 Super Bowl halftime performance, the three developers found that they couldn’t see any footage of it online, where they realized that there was no other site capable as of the moment. 

They made improvements to become the first and only website for video streaming. The new business concept was for people to be able to utilize a more straightforward interface that allows users to upload, publish, and stream videos with moderate internet speed and web browsers, even for those who are not computer-literate. 

YouTube’s growth was as quick as ever, starting with its rapid growth in March 2006, where it had more than 25 million video uploads and 20,000 uploads per day. In the same year, YouTube was featured in Time Magazine as “Person of the year.”  When Google officially purchased them on November 13, 2006, the rest was history.  

Did You Know? 

This colossal site is filled with so many interesting facts. One of the best things in uploading your videos, besides the fact that it is easy to upload, is that others cannot download your YouTube videos. It is ranked number two in the world’s most popular website, with around 1.8 million site visits monthly. 

As early as December 2005, YouTube already had 8 million users per day and had 65 million video uploads by July 2006. In October 2005, it was bought by Google for the worth of $1.65 million. YouTube was also historically renowned by broadcasting online for free, The Indian League Premier, with 60 cricket matches.  

The integration of YouTube and Chrome by Google+ took place in November 2011, and in the same year, they introduced their new interface. By November 2014, YouTube Music Key was introduced. The logo may look like it was there since day one, but it was just introduced in August 2017.

YouTube is as gigantic as you can imagine, it earns around $15 billion annually, and even The White House has its own YouTube channel. This is one of the most interesting YouTube facts out there. Also, around 37% of mobile traffic, and this is on a global scale, comes from YouTube, and there is over 500 hours worth of video content being uploaded to YouTube in a single minute. 

Quite strange, but it did receive criticisms for promoting videos about fake news, fringe beliefs, and conspiracy theories. Even the journalist, Jonathan Albright, sees YouTube having a conspiracy ecosystem. Lastly, during the Coronavirus pandemic, the user base of YouTube immensely expanded. 

Can You Earn On YouTube?

Of course, the more we watch and stream on a certain site, the more benefits and income for them. But is there any other way around? Where we are the ones who can make a living out of these websites? With YouTube, yes, you can. You have probably seen those teens giving out luxury sports cars to their families and friends. 

A lot of ordinary citizens have become millionaires, but it is not that easy. You need to gain thousands of supporters and subscribers, for you have to be qualified in the YouTube Partner Program and have a win-win situation with the site. They benefit from your views, and you gain your fair share. 


The extensive improvements in technology have greatly affected our daily lives. Our way of living has become totally different compared to the absence of technology. Although it has both positive and negative effects, the proper usage of these advancements is where we should focus on continuing to make the world a better place. 

All of us have been using different online platforms and have witnessed how they rose from scratch. It is interesting to know uncommon facts about them, for this can inspire more to become more. YouTube has been the industry for quite some time and has made our lives more convenient.