Main Concerns When Moving From a Physical Store to Online

This year continued with a new wave of the Coronavirus that shuttered too many physical stores. The next possible solution was opening online stores. That’s how the story of the eCommerce boom begins.  

If you were one of those local business owners, moving online enables you to widen your customer base and reach a targeted audience. With increasing your sales, you can even change their nature and make them international. These are all great possibilities, but go step by step. Firstly, check out this list of the main concerns when moving from physical to online store:

  • Your Preferred Platform

When deciding to move to an online business, make sure to set aside some time to think about the right platform for building your online store. This essential step can include some of the basic tools for creating web stores or even different CMS(Content Management Systems), usually used to create content, images, and documents. You’ve probably heard about Shopify and Magento. According to the number of satisfied users, both are helpful and trendy blockchain-based eCommerce platforms but take some time to weigh up each’s pros and cons. We also need to mention the famous WordPress that actually can be transformed into eCommerce using plugins like WooCommerce.

  • The Costs 

This is actually the factor that we can’t leave out in this story. Having an online store has its benefits. For example, you can forget about paying rent, and you can notice a decrease in costs from reduced staffing needs. On the other side, be aware that you need to invest in a web store. You can’t expect to earn millions overnight. That’s not even possible. If you have some previous knowledge of web development, most of the things you can do alone, but if not, you need to hire a professional. In that case, there is an investment in building and monthly or yearly maintenance. So, how much will it cost? It depends on what you need. 

  • Data Privacy and Security 

Privacy is undoubtedly on top of your concerns because of sensitive personal data. GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) is an essential set of rules that enables European citizens to control their data privacy. It’s not relevant for those in Europe. This regulation has implications for businesses around the globe. We’ve said something about WordPress plugins earlier. If you need them, you can rest assured that products from CreativeMinds are compliant with GDPR rules, which means you don’t have to worry about privacy regulations. 

WordPress is almost an ideal platform for creating a web store, but we need to mention that it’s vulnerable to hacks at some point. This means you need to invest more money in security systems. You need to consult your provider about backups. Decide on how often your data is backed up, who has access to it, and where it is stored. Don’t forget to talk about logging because it is a massive step in improving the security system. 

What’s The Next Step? 

When you are finally done with basics, you are halfway to success. The next step is forming a marketing strategy. Because of the number of users, it’s almost impossible to succeed without a great one. As a business owner, you are in charge of everything, but literally. Having a good organization and advertisement combined with social media selling and blog writing is the key- there is no way you will fail.