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Penji Review- Unlimited graphic designs for your Business Needs

Good design means good business! 

If you are a business owner or a marketer you must know how crucial graphic design is for a business. A picture speaks a thousand words and a visually appealing design can turn your visitors into customers. Hence, right from logo, infographics, web & app designs, business cards to marketing and promotional materials, you need to have great designs handy. Else, you lose your customers to your competitors who are also a click away from them. Thus, it has become vital for businesses to invest in graphic designing. However, if you are a small business owner who just started or a freelancer, hiring a graphic designer is a bit steep. Conversely, you can’t go for $5 designs or hire a freelancer and compromise the quality of your design that hurts your campaign. This is where Penji comes into play. 

Penji is an on-demand graphic design company that makes designs fast, simple and affordable. So, no matter if you are a marketer, freelancer or a small business owner, you get graphic designs how they should be within your budget without compromising the quality. The best part is you can get unlimited graphic designs for all your business needs with Penji by your side. Awesome, right?

Want to know more about this amazing graphic design company before you subscribe to it? Alright, this article walks you through their story, pricing and advantages of using Penji to help you understand the company better. So, shall we get started?

What is Penji?

Unlike graphic design websites available on the web, Penji is not a tool. It is a community-driven startup company that delivers on-demand graphic designs as per business needs. It provides unlimited designs for unlimited revisions for a flat monthly subscription rate. The company delivers your designs in under 48 hours and you hold all the rights over your designs as they are customized for you.

Short Story of Penji

Penji was founded by Johnathan Grzybowski and Khai Tran in 2017. Like every other small business and startup owner, they experienced the painful time-eating and expensive graphic designing process. And that is when they decided to create Penji. They founded Penji with the mission to make graphic design easy, fast and economical.

Besides, it also provides unlimited graphic designs to support brands and agencies who require multiple designs to support their campaigns. Thousands of businesses including AWeber, Rebook, 1800-Flowers trust and use Penji for their business needs. Penji is designed to meet the needs of freelancers, bloggers, small businesses and agencies. So, if you fall on this list, it’s time to subscribe to Penji and level up your marketing campaigns.

Okay enough said! Let’s quickly get into revealing its features to better understand how it is different from graphic design tools and its competitors. Shall we?

Features of Penji

Unlimited Designs

First things first, Penji enables its users to order unlimited designs. For small businesses, bloggers and marketers who need a steady supply of designs, Penji is a smart and affordable option.

This on-demand graphic design company assigns you a graphic designer who creates designs for you whenever you ask. Their turnaround time is 48 hours. You can send unlimited requests in a month but the only catch here is they work only on one design at a time.

However, the best part is Penji offers unlimited revisions as well. It ensures you get the quality and desired outcome by making unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with the design.

Vetted Designers

On-demand graphic designers are pricey and if you’re a blogger or startup owner, hiring one may not be practical. This is where Penji comes to the rescue. The company has recruited the top 2% of graphic designers to create premium-quality designs for you. So, by having Penji by your side you can skip the long recruiting process yet work with experts within the budget.

Budget-Friendly Option

Penji helps you save thousands of dollars by offering you budget-friendly subscription plans. Their basic plan that has all the essential features starts at $399 per month. This way you can skip paying thousands to freelance or in-house graphic designers.

The major advantage of subscribing to Penji is you are free to cancel the plan at any time. No contracts and no strings attached.

Money-Back Guarantee

Not only Penji does not require any commitment, it offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. So, it’s easy to try Penji and cancel your plan if you feel Penji is not made for you. You get a full refund on canceling your subscription within 15 days if you meet their eligibility criteria.

Impressed? Then let’s see how the designing process at Penji goes.

How does it work with Penji?

The designing process at Penji is quite simple as it provides a user-friendly platform. All your design requests, projects for revisions, reviews and downloads can be maintained from your dashboard. In short, the designing process is explained in four simple steps:

1. Create

Penji asks you for a description of your project and font or color specifications. You can simply fill out the form to help designers understand your ideas and requirements. The platform lets you attach files to give designers extra references.

2. Connect

The company automatically assigns a designer for your project and you will be connected to the assigned expert. Provide precise answers to the questions asked by designers to avoid too many revisions and save time.

3. Revise

Once you receive the draft within 24-48 hours, you can either proceed to download or ask for a revision if you are not satisfied.

Provide the feedback once you get the expected draft to help improve the company’s services.

4. Download

Finally, after you are satisfied with the design after the first or nth revision, download the design instantly. You will have complete ownership of the source files and designs created for you.


The pricing plans of Penji are quite simple and straightforward. It comes with three plans:


  • The Pro plan costs $399 per month and offers graphic design only.
  • The plan includes unlimited design projects, unlimited brands, 1 designer and 2 users.


  • It costs $499/month and offers graphic design + illustration + UX/UI
  • It supports all Pro features and website & app design, infographics and custom illustrations
  • It allows up to 5 users


  • Agency plan costs $899/month and is designed for Team Plan + Double Output.
  • It offers everything in the Team plan and prioritized support.
  • It assigns 2 designers and allows 10 users.

As said, Penji offers a money-back guarantee and the policy is applied to all 3 plans.


So, this is how Penji, the one-stop solution for graphic design for your business works. As you can see, Penji offers a fixed flat rate monthly, so works best for businesses or individuals who constantly need designs. In case your requirement is just a couple of designs or just a logo, then Penji is not for you. However, as graphic design has become a major part of marketing campaigns, every business needs a company like Penji by their side. So, write down your requirements to decide how Penji can help you with your business.