The Power of Brand Names: How Namify Can Help in Uplifting Your Brand

77% of product marketing experts firmly believe that a good brand name is absolutely key to the growth and success of a business. Bad brand names can actually have a counterintuitive effect on the success of your brand. Research has shown that brand names that are difficult to spell or pronounce can make it difficult for audiences to relate with.

What Makes A Good Name?

One of the biggest questions that remain to be answered is what exactly makes a good brand name. A brand name generator is pretty easy to find and use, but how would you know if the name that you have chosen is good or not? You need not worry about any of these aspects with Namify. It will find the most relevant and attractive brand name for you that your potential and current customers will find hard to forget. The advantage of this tool is that it helps one make an informed decision about the brand name and also pick a name that has the respective social media handles available.

According to marketing and industry experts, the most recognizable feature of a good brand name is memorability. A good brand name is memorable, and it is also easy to remember. It is also unique enough so that your audience doesn’t get it confused with some other brand. At the same time, they should also be easy to spell and pronounce.

Brainstorming Is Actually Very Important

While you decide on a brand name for your new business or store, you will have to sit and brainstorm with your co-workers and partners. Brainstorming is a very important aspect of coming up with a good brand name. Word associations, metaphors, comparisons, etc., are areas that you should explore during the entire brainstorming process.

Try to Use Unique Domain Extensions

One of the most important responsibilities that you have is to get the domain names and extensions finalized beforehand. The best brand name generator will actually permit you to use intuitive domain extensions like “.tech” and “.store”. By using these extensions, you can convey the entire aim and point of your brand very easily.

Simplicity Is Truly Your Best Friend

It is extremely important not to complicate the brand name that you come up with. A name that is both easy to spell and pronounce causes a phenomenon called “cognitive ease,” which will automatically make your brand way more trusty and likable. The general rule of thumb is to create something totally unique.

Try to Convey Directly

One of the major responsibilities of the brand name is to convey to the audience what the brand is all about. A brand that specializes in selling fashion accessories should have a name that can be associated with the glitz and glamour of the fashion runway. It is always better to convey directly.

There is another approach that you can use – which is to name your brand, something that does not technically mean anything. A major example is Mashable, an online blog and social media platform which has more than 27 million followers on Instagram and Facebook. For this approach to succeed, you have to pick a name that is memorable and unique.

A good brand name can actually uplift your brand and put it on the track to success. This is exactly why you should not skimp while thinking of names for your brand.