See what Ozan Ozerk Thinks About Leadership

Ozan Ozerk on Leadership

“Owning a company is one thing, but being a leader is something completely different and way more challenging.” These are the words of Dr. Ozan Ozerk, the founder of Ozan, a new online payment app designed to make all transactions much more straightforward.

Ozan has a rich background as a serial entrepreneur, and he has worked on many successful projects in the past. He says that only the most dedicated people have a chance of reaching the highest heights, but even if they do, staying in position takes a lot of work and the right team. Only a true leader can make a difference, and here’s what Ozan has to say about how he runs his operation.

Management Changes are Crucial

Throughout his professional career, Ozan has worked on many successful projects in the past. He is also the founder of and OpenPayd, founded in 2018. 

Ozan’s out-of-the-box way of thinking has helped him face unimaginable challenges in the past, and his constant dedication allowed him to evolve from middle management to the owner of a very successful company. 

During his rise to the top, there’s one thing Ozan learned – success depends on the leader and his ability to select the right managers. A lot of effort is needed to make sure that all team members are on the same page. 

Here’s what he said about leading his team: “It took me years to understand every step of the way to success. Being a successful leader means that you have to do everything from identifying problems to finding solutions, monitoring the progress, and setting clear and transparent guidelines for everyone else to follow. I truly believe in extreme ownership.”

Ozan’s previous experience working with SettleGo and European Merchant Bank has taught him a lot. Apart from keeping a close eye on every little detail, his exceptional communication skills are the key to his operation. Without it, all of the hard work and experience wouldn’t mean anything.

Building an Influence

Just like everybody else, Ozan started his career with an entry-level job. His way to the top was long and hard, but his hard work and dedication earned him a respectable reputation he enjoys today. After all, it takes a lot of confidence, consistency, and competence to become the leader he is today.  

Here’s what Dr. Ozan Ozerk said about building an influence: “ Only a person with the right combination of traits can become a true leader. It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do; without knowing how to communicate with others and without influence, I couldn’t have done anything on my own.”

According to Ozan, you must lead your team with ideas and actions that show that those ideas are possible. A true leader has to do as he says, and only then can he/she have the needed influence to get an idea rolling. 

There’s No I in Team

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking about how their team members are responsible for everything that goes wrong. That’s just not true. A true leader can recognize the right people and include them in the operation. 

“When I’m looking for team members, I don’t pick people based only on their previous experiences. I choose the people with the skills I’m missing. Building a successful startup, no matter what kind, finding the people with the right skills and knowing where to assign them is half of the job done.”

A successful leader is a master in the art of delegation, and he knows the value of each team member. As the supreme chief, a leader must know how to share his ideas through open communication. 

Strategy is Everything

Even if highly-capable managers and team members surround you, you can’t get anywhere without the right strategy. Ozan had the privilege of working with some of the best people in the fintech industry, allowing him to develop much needed strategic skills over the years.

However, the current shift to a fully digital world is putting many businesses to the test. It turns out that most senior executives don’t have the right skills to navigate through the new digital world. Dr. Ozan Ozerk built his entire career on various startups, making him fit for the task.

The skills he learned through the years, his extensive knowledge in finance and technology, and his ability to lead people all came together to create a new Ozan SuperApp that will surely make a considerable change in the way we pay for goods and services. 

Here are his thoughts about business strategy: “A few of my friends told me how they don’t like making online purchases because of the difficult checkouts and possible security threats. They gave me an idea about the new SuperApp years ago, but I had to wait for the right moment, make sure that I’m working with the right people, and improve my organizational skills before I could do anything. It took years of work and patience, but my strategy has definitely worked out.”

The Future Looks Promising

Even though Ozan Ozerk is currently working on his new SuperApp, we will surely see more impressive business solutions in the future. His dedication and his incredibly talented team are at the beginning of the road.

We expect a lot from this man, and we know that there is still a lot we can learn from him. According to his own words, Ozan Ozerk will do everything in his power to change the world for the better and use his knowledge to help guide people into the new digital world.