Believe it or not, choosing the right career option is nothing less than a challenge. Usually, students are either too young or don’t have enough knowledge to make this critical decision on which their future career will rely.

To be sure which field to choose, it’s better to explore yourself and identify your talents; some might like playing with numbers, while others are naturally curious and creative. If you are someone who thinks out of the box and wants to learn about selling products, getting a marketing degree would be perfect for you. It is for students who are looking forward to a career on a creative side.

Marketing is all about selling goods to customers by using tactics and strategies. These maneuvers draw the attention of consumers into purchasing your company’s product as opposed to your competitors.

Apart from just promoting and selling your products, the marketing field covers a vast range of areas. For example, business administration, social sciences, humanities, digital, and technology, helping you pick an option which you like. With these options, choosing a marketing degree might become very challenging.

Following are some marketing arenas that you might want to consider for your career:

Types of Marketing Degrees

The marketing field offers a variety of programs for students who are willing to explore options for their majors since there are multiple marketing degrees to choose from; this increases your job opportunities.

  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing: It would introduce you to social media, digital marketing, and consumer market behavior. In a nutshell, it prepares you for upcoming trends in marketing.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: It is a reliable option for aspiring marketing professionals and helping them learn about marketing principles and business communication.
  • MBA in Marketing: Pursuing this degree is more like taking a step towards success in your career. The program allows you to learn about branding and strategic marketing to adopt a holistic approach.
  • Master of Science in Advertising: You might develop an interest in producing and managing advertisements, and this degree teaches you everything. You learn advertising theory, research methods, and communication strategy for advertisements.
  • Master of Science in Marketing: You can complement your marketing degree with masters one to gain more expertise. It helps students comprehend more technical and complex aspects of marketing functions.
  • Master of Science in Marketing Management: It is another popular degree for students who desire to learn competent and administrative marketing techniques.

Well, with so many choices, you must be wondering how your job would be like and what job opportunities will it provide for you?

Following are the seven best career options for marketing degree holders:

1.    Product or Brand Manager

A brand manager is responsible for looking after the marketing of the brand and its offerings. They put their analytical skills to use for evaluating customer trends. Similarly, as a brand manager, you would spend sufficient time on researching customer trends to predict future demand. Besides, you have to work with other departments to keep up with everything in the organization. You can easily qualify for this position after completing your MBA in marketing.

2.    Market Research Analyst

If you think you are good at researching and collecting data, then you might want to work as a marketing research analyst. These people are quite smart since they carry out assessments of customer reactions to products and services, new packaging, and modified products. The aim is to know the thought process of the customers and provide them with the products they want. You will get to organize and interpret data by using advanced software programs.

3.    Advertising Manager

While watching Netflix or any television programs, you get advertisements in between the show. Do you enjoy them or do you know why they aired intentionally in the middle of the show you are watching? Everyone perceives things differently. Some people can understand the purpose of those advertisements, which means they are a perfect fit for becoming an advertising manager. These are very creative individuals responsible for advertising campaigns for clients. They work closely with companies to understand their needs and requirements. For instance, some might want to create brand awareness, while others are wishing to send a reminder for the brand’s existence. Thus, they know very well how to devise different campaigns.

4.    Media planner

Media planners help companies attract customers. They identify different patterns of customers to see which media forums they prefer the most. You will have to pay attention to details, prepare spreadsheets, and organize data. It is a fantastic career option for all those people who are comfortable with quantitative thinking.

5.    Social Media Manager

In the growing world of digitalization, becoming a social media manager is a potential career option. Every organization is moving towards online marketing because of the increasing need for digital marketers. They help in elevating the brand’s presence on social platforms by coming up with unique strategies. Being a social media marketer, you would demonstrate creative skills and tactics to keep the audience hooked.

6.    Public Relation Specialist

The demand for public relations specialists is likely to grow by 6% in the coming years. Under this position, you would work as a spokesperson for your company, while dealing with requests from media. You would have to know everything about the promotional policies and objectives of the company. Similarly, these professionals also develop and direct communication plans to maintain a reputable image in front of the public and customers.

7.    Sales Manager

You might wonder how you can qualify as a sales manager after getting a marketing degree? Sales and marketing departments work collectively. Sales managers are responsible for resolving customer complaints and providing them with better services. At the same time, they review reports, project forecasts, and regulate profitability. They see how much sales were generated with the on-going marketing campaigns to analyze their effectiveness.


With the help of crucial points mentioned above, you can now understand that marketing is a lot more than promoting goods and services to customers. With a variety of degrees, it offers different career options too. Thus, you don’t have to stick to the same thing because you have the opportunity to switch roles, jobs, and do what you enjoy the most.