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Seven helpful tips to help you become a social media influencer

The rise of social media has led to an interesting variety of jobs, including social media managers and consultants. Many businesses are seeing the potential of social media to grow their enterprises and brands to new audiences, but there is an even more significant job description that many people are increasingly looking to try – social media influencers.

There is an increasing number of people that want to try this line of work, and gain income from the popularity they hold. Social media helps you to become a celebrity regardless of where you come from, as long as you have a great strategy that works for you. Here are some tips to help you build your influence on online platforms and grow your audience.

Doing the things you love

This is the most important question you must answer – what is it that you absolutely love doing?When you do something you love, you will not be forced to make content, and you will keep releasing great content that your audience enjoys. In fact, they will begin to engage with you more, and you will not need to rely on services to boost your engagement in the long term, like when you contact to get free Instagram likes – word of mouth will push your brand out there.

What are your favorite topics to talk about? Is it cartoons, art, music, movies, fashion, cupcakes, baking, cooking, and so on? Whatever it is, you will be highly motivated to write on it, and make content like shooting videos and doing blog posts. As long as you love it, you will attract an audience that loves it, and you will eventually become successful.

Create a strategy

You must think very carefully w=to what you choose to write about, and then this will help you form a guide plan. For instance, if you are concentrating on writing about music, you might decide to post once a day on Mondays about a musician you would recommend, then spend the rest of the week talking about music techniques.

Whatever the specific plan is and its details, it will help you stay accountable to your schedule and also help you prevent the infamous cases of blocks, where you seem to have no idea of the content you want to post. It will help you stay organized the entire time and build your audience as well, since they will appreciate your efforts.

Post constantly

When you are in the process of building your audience, you must remember that they are waiting for you to make posts about the topic at hand. Therefore, you cannot post three times this week and then go silent the following two weeks.

You need to stay committed to the schedule you have set. If you have decided that you will be posting once a day for three times a week, then you must remain with that schedule because your followers expect content on these days. the more constantly you post, the more your audience will grow because there is always content for them to consume – it is better to post consistently than post intensively and then go quiet.

Maintain a sense of balance

On the note of the previous point, it is very important to maintain a balance between posting interesting and relevant content. This is where having a content schedule comes in – you must be ready to give your consumers what they are expecting.

For instance, if they followed you for music posts, you cannot just wake up one morning and post something related to fashion. If they are expecting you to post about fashion articles, you cannot decide to post a movie review. When you go outside your niche, your followers will not appreciate it.

The challenge here is make the content as relevant to your niche, but make sure it remains interesting. For instance, you might decide to post about the clothes and fashion accessories the characters were wearing in your favorite movie, and connect it to the overall theme of your content.

Consider trying something new when posting content

The more you switch up the delivery method, the more you will make things interesting for your followers, and the more people will be interested in your offerings. For instance, if your specialty is taking beautiful snapshots of nature, you might consider doing a short behind the scenes video to show people how you scouted the location and got there.

Your audience will always appreciate that you are going out of your way to bring content to them in interesting ways. Even if it may not blow up and get you major numbers, you can only find out for yourself and see where it leads.

Increase your audience

You cannot expect your audience to grow and your reach to expand when you are doing nothing to make it grow. It is great to have organic reach, but you will need to get some followers manually first.

You can always turn to your friends and family for help, and ask them to subscribe to your channels or follow you on social media, and to invite their friends. Additionally, search for new audiences on social media platforms, and make interesting methods of content delivery to draw them in – like holding a contest.

These efforts might seem tiring and overwhelming at first, but they will eventually pay off as long as you are patient and consistent.


No man is an island – and that is very evident when you are growing your social media audience. Find the influencers within your niche, and request them to do collaborations with you, such as making videos and taking pictures. This way, you will market yourself to their audience since they will promote you, and you will gain new audiences as well – a win-win situation.


Growing your audiences on social media is not the easiest task, but it can reap significant benefits once it works out. The key is to build consistency, which will increase the trust your audiences have in you, and then you can slowly start to convert that influence into revenue.