SMS for business: an underused asset

What enterprise SMS provides you

Your enterprise SMS solution helps provide business to client (B2C) and business to business (B2B) communications and a way for you to interact with them for sales validation before a sale representative needs to make contact. The same process works for administration such as scheduling appointments and enhance support activities. Your enterprise SMS will reach your client quicker as a person normally checks their phone more readily than emails, which either get deleted automatically or added to a spam folder. Furthermore, most emails are never read while SMS messages are difficult to avoid and are usually read before being deleted, ignored or carrying out the call to action that the message requires the user to conduct. 

Automating Sales Funnels

The great thing about enterprise SMS is that messages are short and concise allowing users to think that a message action will be brief and not a waste of their time. This enables enterprise SMS to use chatbots that may use artificial intelligence to automatically stage questions used during a marketing validation process. Once validated the AI enterprise SMS chatbot may then refer the user to a sales team member, saving them from wasting their time. The key here is that a sales funnel is designed to get rid of clients from a sales campaign that are not correct for the sale of an offering and as such automating the process with enterprise SMS can be worth the cost of the system alone.    

 From the customers perspective an enterprise SMS may not feel like a selling platform or forced to answer it because they will likely think that the process is automated or non-personal. However information collected will be fed automatically into a CRM backend to help flag potential engagements. 

Administration Activities

Many administrative tasks such as scheduling, appointment reminders and client feedback may all be handled through an enterprise SMS. The issue is with this is if a data leak occurs then people such as stalkers or other criminals will know where a target is and exploit that data to their advantage. By mitigating this, you keep you clients safe and your enterprises integrity intact.

Secure SMS

To be successful you need to have secure SMS for enterprise as this stops your clients’ sensitive data being collected and used by criminals, news media and governments. While this sounds a bit farfetched is routinely used by scammers that buy the data and then target groups of people on call or SMS lists or sell information to newspapers or blackmail key figures. 

To help keep the integrity of your company secure SMS for enterprise is the solution and allows you to send messages through only trusted countries and SMS providers. 19% of all SMS messages go through a gray routing process that saves a company money due to lower fees but opens up data to others. As fraudulent text messages is a multi-billion dollar industry you could end up losing your business from client lawsuits or at very least loss credibility in the marketplace. 


Whether you are an e-commerce based business, healthcare provider, financial institution or anyone that deals with sensitive data you need secure SMS for enterprise to conduct your business. By getting this correct from the beginning you close your doors to fraud and increase the quality of your business. Fundamentally no customer will want to do business with you if you have a data leak and will be irritated when they have to change passwords, bank details and change their phone number. Furthermore if you are in an industry where you only have a handful of clients that you offer repeat business such as a contractor in a niche market sector then your only chance to last in the industry is to use secure SMS for enterprise.