Someone Is Trying To Hack Your Facebook Account- Know How to Keep Hackers Away

A few years back, the Facebook account was an uncommon thing for hackers to hack as there was no reason to hack someone’s account. Facebook has billions of users these days. It has lots of personal data available for hackers to gain monetary benefits and blackmailing. Thus, hacking a Facebook account has become a common issue. For instance, hacking an account of a celebrity in the first case uses it as a platform for promoting a brand or a page. 

An account can be hacked to make embarrassing or discriminating posts that can make the fans furious other than for promotion or advertising. Don’t be happy to think that you are just a mere person; if someone knows how to hack Facebook he can easily hack any account he likes and make use of the data, so be aware!

If You Are Little Bit Careful, You Can Easily Protect Your Facebook Account. You Have To Follow Some Important Guidelines. Check Out the Points Below-

  1. Do Not Save Passwords On Public Devices

People often visit cybercafés when they do not have enough data for accessing social sites. Even some reserve their passwords to clicking “yes” on the saved password dialog box. They do so to save time while browsing. You might also be one of them who does the same. If you do not have a personal device to browse the internet, do not save passwords on devices, you do not have control. The password will remain there, and anyone can have access to your Facebook. 

  1. Opt For 2-Step Verification Always

This step sends you authentication verification on your phone every time anyone else other than you tries to log in to your Facebook account. You can use this with the help of third party software or Facebook’s verification process. When you are trying to log in, you will get a unique code that will help you access Facebook during that session. Once the session is over, you will need to have another authentication message to access the account again. Though it is an inconvenient process, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

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  1. Safe Your System From Any Malware And Spyware

The hacking issues not only happen through the website. A hacker can hack your Facebook account by using software that gets installed unknowingly on your computer. Some of this software spams some pop-up ads on your screen, and once you select, the virus enters your machine. You can avoid them from getting installed on your computer with the help of spyware removers. If your Facebook is already hacked, you can recover it through the Facebook recovery process. 

  1. Keep Yourself Logout From All Devices

Not saving passwords is not just a fruitful way to stop hacking; your account can get hacked in several other ways. If you keep your account logged in from various devices, it can be easily available to hackers. So, when you do not use Facebook or other social sites for a long time, try to log out of all devices’ accounts. 

These are some of the ways to stop prevent hacking of your Facebook account. Some parents also install spy software on their children’s mobiles or laptops to control their activities on social sites or other chatting platforms.