Switzerland Has Become a Cybersecurity Hub in Europe. Here Is Why

There was a time when a country’s prowess in security readiness was only measured by how big it’s army was and the armament it came with. Nowadays, the perception still remains only that it includes information security. Most countries have invested in Cybersecurity to ensure safety for their systems of governance and other areas. 

What does it mean when a country’s cyber systems are not secure? It makes them vulnerable to attacks which include information theft and systems manipulation. It is in such scenarios you hear of insane amounts of ransomwares especially when the compromised information is vital to the country or the affected organization. 

You are probably aware that first world countries like the United States and United Kingdom rank high when it comes to the most secure countries in the world. However, there are other countries that are doing quite well as far cybersecurity is concerned. One of such countries is Switzerland. It is one of those countries where even the smallest businesses take cybersecurity seriously because they understand the importance of protecting their systems from attacks. Well this is expected of Switzerland because it is home to some multinational corporations. 

Home of Great Cybersecurity Innovations And Inventions 

Switzerland acts as a center for great innovations, most of which are designed to provide data security. If you are a regular user of VPN services, you may be aware of yet another swiss-based VPN – VyprVPN It is one of the most reliable VPNs, nothing like US-based service Betternet VPN. If you search for the term in Google you will stumble upon questions like: “Is Betternet safe? It’s a scam” Here’s why: It allows third parties to access your browsing data which include your location. This comparison is a good example how USA and Switzerland companies tend to have very different strictness to data privacy laws. 

In Switzerland, they have managed to put Switzerland on the map when it comes to putting up measures for securing data systems. 

There are both software and hardware manufacturing companies based in Switzerland that are involved in designing quality and reliable cybersecurity infrastructure. Examples of these start-up companies include Scanmeter, Davos Network, One Visage, Anapaya, Securosys, Skribble, Cybera, AGAM Security and many more. These are companies known for good reputation and their competition is what guarantees development of quality security packages. 

Can’t forget to mention that the World Wide Web was invented in Geneva among other innovations that make the country a hub or center for most global internet activities. 

Center for Cybersecurity Governance 

Without a doubt, Swiss telecommunication infrastructure is world-class. It also comes with fast internet connections that run throughout due to stabilized supply of power. What more, the Federal Cybersecurity Competence Center plays the role of handling cybersecurity issues, from both the public and institutions. This it does by providing workable solutions aimed at curbing online vulnerabilities. Other cybersecurity governing bodies in the country are the likes of Global Internet Governance, Telecommunication Union, Geneva Internet Platform, Geneva Center for Security Policy, etc. 

Hub for International Cybersecurity Events

These are events and conferences that take place certain times in a year in Switzerland which are aimed at maintaining focus on cybersecurity and other related subjects. Some of these events include Zero-Dah Conference, Swiss Cybersecurity Days, Swiss Cyber Storm Conference, etc. 

Cybersecurity Education and Training 

Well, it is important to facilitate continuous training to create room for more innovations, and the government of Switzerland knows this all too well. Programs have for that reason been set up so that cybersecurity start-ups get the foundation they need as they advance to greater things. Even the employees working at the IT sector have undergone cybersecurity engineering, and they continue getting training on arising or emerging trends as the cybersecurity field is a dynamic one. EPFL and ETHZ are some of the institutions that train cybersecurity engineers. Besides that, there are several other research institutes that are also tasked with information security training.

In conclusion, it is fair to mention that the country also has clear laws on cybersecurity. It is now clear why Switzerland passes as a hub for cybersecurity.